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  • odyd12 odyd12 Apr 12, 2010 10:15 AM Flag

    PNX reporting May 3rd

    When PNX reports profit stock will double on news.

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    • Stevie did I strike a nerve with you pumping penny grubbing day traders??? Seems like it!! No bad feelings here just tell it like it is. I know you little guys don't like to get schooled by me. Beautiful sunset with a great Merlot tonight.

    • elbit Apr 14, 2010 8:38 PM Flag

      On the back of warnings, badly-articulated analysis (and poor spelling), and ugly prognostications, you feel the need to (always) dangle your arrogance with the express intent of provoking envy. Your sour grapes would be boring if they weren't pathetic. I detest fishing. I detest snobbery and, most of all, I regard your sneering, self-important harangues with pity.

      This stock has enabled me to finish paying for my son's college education. He has more productive things to do than fish.

    • Sorry to inform you but you lead one to believe you're nothing but a grumpy, nasty old MAN not a female. Think you may have been mistaken... You caught a filthy Condition called "Diarrhea of the Mouth"... Now go ahead and wash it out with some Industrial Strength Ajax BEFORE you say anyting else... Mr. Nasty.

    • as I expected stock aded 20% today and you have nothing new to say.
      Since I already called you a waste, I am going to flush you.
      On ignore.

    • Hey little turd where did you find that research a cracker jack box. You did get one thing right and that is the bond portfolio. Everything else is a joke. No way have they had 200 million of cost cutting, more like 80 million, second the one right down that you seem to forget that can occur any moment is a death claim, and with their high disproportionate policies of older individuals and high face amounts would pose a huge problem if one or two dropped per quarter. Also they have some very large law suits against them right now that will cost them huge cash wise. You won't know that until the earnings call if there has been any claims. Next they are not writing any business. They were writing about 300 million per year but that has dropped below 10 million of new premium per year in 09, from what I have heard is it will be smaller then that in 10. No company can live on that. Lastly little boy the business they have on the books is moving to other companies faster than you can pick a penny from the street. Also from what I know the policies written over the last 5 years were priced so premiums only needed to be in year 1 then nothing for years, which means no money coming through the door for now but they are responsible for the death claims.
      So go away little stock picking boy and try selling lemon aid on the street corner you will probably do better. I don't have to explain myself again to some pee-on like you what my conection is to this company. Done it already to many times.
      Out fishing this morning caught 3 big yellow fin tuna average size 200lbs. And one throw back fish called a ODYD 12.

    • Thats how much I have made on PNX trading

    • Nothing...just another problem with there systems. Ignore it.

    • 200.20%

    • You have no right to tell anyone to go away. You have no stock in the company, which would be a very reason for a normal person not get into discussion on the board discussing stock investments. Your statements copy events reported by PNX but are twisted with your personal bias. You are rude old woman, with past or current relationship to the company. I am sure nobody is surprised that your overblown ego sustained injury in this relationship. The reason is you, not PNX. You can't see beyond the the past, and this is why you are discrediting yourself silly daily. Investing is for people who look into the future and see opportunity where someone like you see a wall. You hate this disability with the passion and anyone who has superior skills in it. The only thing you can come up when your nag runs out of two arguemnts we read for last 9 months is expressions of what you ate or where did you fart last night or this morning. Completely unsuitable for this forum again. Your contribution to this baord is like your earthly shell, one step away from waste you expel.
      Just so you do not think you have been deprived an answer from the scumbag for the 5th time, these are the hidden values, which apparently are just hidden to you old bag.
      1. 13.5B of portfolio graded 90% AAA, this sucker will produce $1B in investment income this year alone.
      2. $200M reduction in costs.
      3. Literally they have written every possible cost down they could last year, including sell of assets from second Q of this year.
      4. The premiums are coming in for new business. Why would they differ from other company? The cost. I must see if their premiums offer attractive product for less.
      5. There are $155B policies in force right now, which pay around $750M in fees.
      The rating has hurt their business, but adversity produces opportunity.

    • see you at 4.00

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