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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 Dec 13, 2009 11:51 AM Flag

    Merry Christmas

    Hi Tom,
    As I stated above I'm not the smartest person around,you could be better informed by others.

    My opinion of IGR.I may be wrong and it wouldn't be the first time.But I wouldn't buy it .Why?Because the dividends have decreased , the earnings are negative .Also, I see no expected earnings for this year or the coming year to show me they're turning around.However, they're involved with Real Estate and that market is starting to turn around.Your friend may see this as a chance to get in low and may be right.

    I'm very uneducated and more of a common sense investor.However,I will tell you why I think you may want to go over my list.Then you should check to be sure things didn't change.As I put this list together a while back.

    (1)All of the above stocks EPS and /or expected EPS are more than the dividend pay out.

    (2)All of above stocks raise their dividends once a year or better.

    (3) All of above stocks were paying 5% or better dividend.

    You can compare up to 5 stocks side by side here.Table key statistics shows per share.

    I would pick 1 or 2 stocks from each group to stay diversified.

    Utilities: D,DUK,ED,VVC,PGN,XEL,SCG,SO. PGN is going geen and just stopped raising their dividend but I'm still like it and holding it.

    Financial: NHP,SNH,EPR,LRY,SSS.

    TEL : T,VZ,NZT.

    Health: LLY.

    Basic Material: ARLP,CLMT. Coal ?? But so far doing OK.

    Oil & Gas :BP,SXL

    Consumer goods :RAI,MO,KFT. Tobacco ??But so far doing OK

    I would say you also want some MLP's for income .Their EPS don't have to be more than their pay outs.

    This link will help answer many of you Questions.

    I would place all of my holding in the reinvesment plan until you're out of work.Then devide my dividends by months .Then write myself a check per month subtracting taxes.
    They say you shouldn't have more than 10 stocks so you can keep up with them.I can't keep up anyway.So I have over 30 stocks . I don't bet heavy on any one stock.Stay diversifed,

    Best of luck to you.

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