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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 Dec 15, 2009 6:37 PM Flag

    Merry Christmas

    I always try to risk as little as possible. I try to spend my money ,but keep too. So you may not be happy with what I would do.

    I put togehter a portfolio with all dividend paying stocks that raise their dividends/distributions at least once a year,except for 5 stocks.That way you would get a "small" raise every year.You could get a greater return with all MLP's.In that case I would suggest you check out the EPD board .Good smart people that understand the MLP's better than I. MLP's are not taxed the same.

    I'm only working with $5,000 per stock here.PCU is a copper stock and is paying a very low dividend at this time.The reason I added PCU then ? Because they paid a good dividend in the past.When they start building houses,cars or just about anything again ,they will need copper.I think both their stock price and dividends will go back up.I would suggest if you do these or not.Take the time to post them as one of your portfolios on at todays cost per share.Then you can benchmark them aganist the DOW ,S&P, anytime starting from when you post it.I'll bet they do about the same,maybe better.

    With $5,000 in vested in each stock they would pay gross per year, without the raises.

    PGN $297
    NRGY 375
    ED 259
    KFT 214
    MO 344
    EPD 351
    SXL 328
    ARLP 361
    CLMT 504
    PCU 107
    UVE 669
    SPH 358
    LLY 274
    BMY 240
    T 295
    VZ 286
    $5262 per year

    With some of your other money you could buy mobile homes with land for under $30,000 a piece.I bought one for $18,000 and rent it out for $400 a month ,it still needs work.But they are happy the way it is.If they ever move I'll fix it up and raise the rent. I bought another one for $28,000. I done some repairs and rented it out for $550 a month.Now, about 6 years later they moved and I repaired it again. It's now up for rent at $600 a month.I also have a mobile home lot with well and septic tank rented out for $300 a month,they own their mobile home.My insurance and property taxes run around $1500 per year for each mobile home /and or lot.Insurance is more on the lot.I also have a house but the insurance and property taxes is much more,so is the rent.What I'm trying to show here is you could buy one mobile home at a time,repair if needed and rent it out .Buy 4 and your weekly pay check would be one persons monthly rent.The dividends from your above portfolio could ,or very close, pay for your insurance and property taxes .
    Very good return on your investments.Add more mobile homes with properties if you can't live on the amount of rent received.

    So if you bought all 4 M/H for $120,000 or less.Rented them out for around $600 a month each .That would be around $28,800 a year ,before Taxes & insurance.That would be a good return or your investment .Don't take my word on but you check into it yourself.

    Just MLP's with $35000 of your money.With $5,000 invested in each stock below they would pay gross ,per year.

    SXL $328
    ARLP 361
    CLMT 509
    CPNO 519
    EPD 351
    NRGY 378
    SPH 361
    $2,807 per year.

    If you want ,I'll look up the names of the people I think would be glad to help with all MLP's

    Well best of luck to you

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