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  • hedge1948 hedge1948 Jan 20, 2011 10:12 PM Flag

    cramer want you to sell so he buys cheap ..he sucks

    he was telling people to buy sear at $130 WHILE HE WAS DUMPING

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    • I don't think he's buying VGR, but he's helping someone out to dump MO. Just look at the trade volume and price fluctuation of MO.

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      • The Goldman Sachs price target for MO was $24 as of 09/30/2010. MO closed at $26.xx on 11/04/2010 and 11/05/2010 -- $2 above the price target which is 5 quarters of dividends. Cramer sold his MO at $25.xx and is waiting to buy it back with a $22 handle. This is actually a good trading strategy, hold onto a stock until it beats the target price and then wait for it to start going down to sell it.

        He mentioned on the show that he was thinking about selling, mentioned on the show that he had sold some and then mentioned that he was out and waiting for a $22 handle to buy back in. If you subscribe to his Action Alerts Plus service, he would tell you right before he was going to sell and at what price.

        I kept my MO because I am hard pressed to find 6% yielders, I thought that Goldman and others would raise their targets and the MO story is intact. If it does trade down to $22.xx I will probably buy more.

        BUT, I have learned my lesson and will look to sell out-of-the-money calls on MO the next time MO trades above its target.

        The Goldman Sachs target price as of 12/31/2010 for MO is now $26. This matches the $26 average target price by analysts that Market Watch follows. $2 upside on a $24 stocks is an 8.33% return. Add in a 6.31% dividend and you get a total return of 14.6%. This beats the 10% or so yield on VGR assuming they maintain the dividend.

    • VGR is a favorite of mine. It is troublesome to see it fall in price, but the reduced price keeps the dividend up. I was happy to add at 15.88 yesterday. Good luck to all.

    • Cramer is a huckster and a pitch man. Just cuz he gets it right about 20% of the time people trust his advice. Just before Wachovia tanked, he had the CCO on his show and was telling people to buy.

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