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  • mrmcook mrmcook Sep 7, 2011 11:02 AM Flag

    Is it worth holding for divi and 5% share?

    or is it better to lock in the share price it's up to now? namely $19.08

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    • Sometimes I think there are about 12-15 investors who all attended the same internal rate of return lecture in college. lol.

      Most of the VE news is on Euro blogs: "Doubts about the dividend"

      Given these results and further steps that need to be implemented, Veolia will therefore not committed to a growth in profits for the year 2011.Not surprisingly, however, the group confirms its other annual goals, including organic growth of its business and asset sales for at least 1.3 billion euros, a positive free cash flow after payment of the dividend. "

    • This is the math for what I just did.
      I had 3,000 shares and sold them for $19.17 per share.
      If I had not sold, I would have collected $.40 per share totalling $ 1,200. I would have also been given 150 shares that are now worth $17.70 per share or a total of $ 2,655. Add those together and you get $ 3,855.
      If I had held the stocks and collected the dividend and extra shares my total worth in this stock would be $555 less than where I sold it for.

      Good luck to all.

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      • i"m not sure what is your point? You're a trader. And now you have no stock. And you do not participate in the dividend. You get to pay tax on your earnings.

        Is that what you were saying?

        As for me, I have stock, I get a very nice dividend quarterly, I have 5% additional stock for free, I forget about this baby and let it appreciate a little and get almost 9% yearly. And I have no taxes to pay because I'm not selling unless my INVESTMENT thesis changes.

        So, today you have $500+ more than me. Yippee.I'm looking a little further down the road, and at least based on your premise, I have stock and you have money. I get dividend and you pay taxes. I have potential to make more money, and you have none until you reinvest in something else. And good luck find a relatively safe dividend such as VGR.

      • A net drop the day after x-div is common, as people get out of their positions. For those of us long, one day means nothing.

    • Today is a gift - being so close to ex-dividend date & all. Might not be a bad time to pick up more shares!

    • It depends on your trading strategy. If you do not mind holding the shares a short time, the dividend and 5% share deal,is worth it. If you are a true trader you may want to lock in any bump up in the stock. Some of what happens after the record date on this stock depends on the market. When the market is moving up it only takes a few days for this deal to become postive. I have done well with this stock but it involves some hold. The choppy market conditions worry me some.

    • I am new to this stock, so that is a good question. I would think that on 9/15 vgr should be at least 19.50 to 20.50, if the stk mkt has a bull run could be a lot higher. What I have noticed following the charts, that in a matter of a few mos after the 5% stk div. vgr tends to take a dive, usually greater than the 5% stk div. But, imo Vgr is changing, with the entrance of pyramids in 7/11 and other things that they are doing, the stk may not take a dive like in previous yrs and in the next few mos after the stk div. it can actually be higher, imo. Again, you have a good question and I am still trying to figure out if I should sell or hold on to the div. If the stk was at 21 or 21.50 on 9/15 I would be tempted to sell, if it is at 19.50 or so, then I will probably keep it for the stk div & cash div.

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