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  • juanruiz1330 juanruiz1330 Feb 22, 2012 11:40 AM Flag


    In terms of yield, VGR wins. In terms of pure cash, PM's divvy is 92% more.

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    • I bought 1400 shares of VGR when Cramer dumped on it. Thanks to the 5% divi, I am averaged at 15.38. I think that's pretty good. I ended up selling 400 shares at high 17s before year end so I could buy some beaten down mREITS in my ROTH. I will buy more VGR if it goes below 17, otherwise, I will just collect money and 5% stock divs. I do like LO but only if it drops below 100. I don't think their profit growth will outpace their current dividend growth, but I do live in an area with a lot of hispanics and they smoke Wings and other cheap LO cigs like crazy. If the hispanic population increases, then LO will start taking more and more market share. VGR should do okay with their cheap cigs, but I am more interested in whether VGR can diversify out of cigs successfully. I like PM if it hits the 60s again. The recession in Europe and the BRICS should push PM down hopefully. Chinese people smoke like crazy, even though supposedly, they don't need to smoke as much to get the right dose of nicotine.

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