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  • genetz2003 genetz2003 May 10, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    Cramer Scared Me

    Back in Feb 2010 I purchased VGR, then in November 2011, after hearing Cramer lecture his audience on MM about VGR not making any moola, thus could not support its high dividend, I bailed and purchased PM.

    I see that Cramer's advice was off base, so, with the market down I jumped back in, paying .50 more than I sold, and $3.00 more than my original purchase price.

    With the market on Prozac, I need some high dividend stocks. so next stop NAT.

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    • Cramer should be scared of himself. Use good common sense and all things work out. VGR is making money by the way.

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      • This morning I doubled my stake to 600 shares. That may not seem like much, but for me it is.

        Yesterday, a guy on the S board laughed at me when I wrote that I was quickly exiting and taking my $1000 profit I made in a year. When I purchased it I knew it was a gamble, thinking I would double my money as I did several times previously, but, when S fell like a rock after I bought it, (that has been happening frequently) I was elated to see it go up a year later, so I grabbed my marbles and skidaddled.

        Today, with ETP down like the rest of the market, another high divi stock) if it falls to the low $43's, I am doubling down.

        Good luck longs.

    • Cramer is an entertainer, nothing more. Those who continue to thank him for all he does for the "little guy" are part of his army of lemmings. A chimpanzee throwing a dart at a wall has as much chance of being right. btw, be careful with NAT, it tends to pay its dividends buy issuing more stock.

    • Cramer is usually off base. Do you recall the Jon Stewart Clip of Cramer yelling buy, buy, buy Lehman Bros. just days before it went under? It always makes me a little uneasy when I discover that I'm about to or am doing anything that Cramer approves of. Oh, well. I too had some VGR a couple of years ago.....sold on a spike of anti cigarette legislation & the lawsuit settlement with the States. but didn't lose anything. Like you, I want a decent return on investments. It seems to me the real question here is how persistent the anti smoking movement is & also how it shakes out overseas......more specifically China, though I can't remember if VGR has any horses in that particular race. If those reckless souls continue to smoke & take up smoking, then VGR ought to be ok. If not then maybe not so much.
      I'll continue to look it over but not pulling the trigger yet.
      An aside..........does anybody know what was up with Icahn having the big stake & then selling out a little while ago?

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