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  • therightstuffdood therightstuffdood Mar 3, 2005 5:52 PM Flag


    I was right about that and i am right now!
    you should not sell this stock now, it will get to $50's in near future. It was around $48 recently and will get ther again....

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    • thank you booksnworms. i got out way to early but then day traded it alittle. i wish you all luck but don't get greedy and ride it down if it falls. i'm done with this stock and will be moving on to the next.


    • Good call, ryank.

    • I never said I never lose. I don�t live and die on one trade fool. I was very honest told you I went long near close and told you area I was getting out even. I had no hedge and I have all the risk but I get all the rewards too. The stock is up a lot from were I got out even but that�s part of the business. Tell me how I am full of shit? Show me where you saw the ECN size prints at 41 this morning even. You�re a loser and trading is my only source of income and if you want to make a wager you�re on. I will set up an escrow account and prove it to you. Post your email so I can get you number and have a lawyer set this up. We can do it for a month and see who talks and who walks. I had no problem with you but your rude and a liar I think.

    • You`re so full of shit its oozing over the pan!

      If, If, If......more hedges than a topiarists get-together, you never lose because you never have any risk, asshole, likewise on the win side.

      Welcome to Wall Street, yeah right, like your fat ass ever got a look in!

    • Dood, get a Dell and buy a subscription to IBD on-line. Read the damn thing and stop chasing turn arounds. This is the best free investment advise you'll ever get. :-)

    • Assuming that you are as stupid as you sound and are actually still long this p.o.s., choices are either cover here at around $41.00 accept the loss and move on, or take some heat and sit it out for maybe the next ten months, a year possibly two and hope that you live to see $48.00 again.

      If it was me?...well I just wouldn't have been so dumb as to let any open position long or short go sour (8.49%) in the first place.

      Don't forget to write and let us know what you decide.

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      • What makes this a bad long but the fact you don't like it. I went long near close and am playing for a small bounce. The earnings were not bad plus 1.7 billion pay off debt and 10 million share payback plan. The new management wrote off everything and it hurt earnings. They hit numbers without the write offs. I think 41 is not a bad level to be long. There are trend lines at 41 and 40 so tell us why you know better. I could be wrong and lose a little but it�s worth the risk to me. Please don�t get rude with me because I bet I'm alot more experienced and have a better profitable record. Hey if I am wrong tomorrow I will just sell so tell me what you know now. The best times to buy are the scarist times to buy.

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