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  • jimthegambler jimthegambler Sep 23, 2003 12:21 AM Flag

    Short Interest Increase

    Short interest keeps on growing. 6.3% increase from August.

    9-15 4,140,783
    8-15 3,896,100

    If FDP puts together another good quarter, maybe the MM will start buying and put a little pressure on the shorts to cover? It is a good time to sit back and collect your dividends.

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    • Well, Michael, if you're long CQB, then that's an issue you have, whether you want it or not. Since your posts indicate that you're long CQB, I assumed you would know the answer (one which I'd want to know before going long).

    • BTW, that wasn't a threat, just to say to you that you've been reported to as many places as I could bend an ear. I've also gone after Bear Stearns, if indeed you are involved with them.

      Yes, I can imagine you might have some problems....


    • Nebby,
      Sorry buddy, but I dont need additional problems in my life. I wish you the best of luck with your portfolio.

    • Michael, I was talking about the warrants issued out of bankruptcy that have been out of the money. I think they come in if/when the price hits the $18-19 range. Not sure how many there are or the exact price....

      New market share to expand into? What do you mean? After selling Castellini, they were back to being straight bananas. They did announce a new fresh-cut deal, but that hasn't started up yet, has it? In any case, they're behind Dole and FDP in that market...

    • Nebby,
      I have found that with exercisable warrants, you generally see short term, down side trading pressure on the common stock. Then you look for consolidation (an established base), which follows testing of new high's. CQB, has more of a new marker share to expand into, and their management is stellar.
      P.S.- This is just my opinion....

    • Rather than hurling insults (and I'm talking about just you), I would like to hear how the warrants figure into you value of CQB. Is it just a short-term hit that you expect, or a long-lasting ceiling?

    • Thank you DR. prodbuy52.... All these years I have been coexisting on this earth not knowing just what my problem is, and you hit the head on the nail with your monumental assessment of my psychosis. I feel the LOVE.................
      HAY BOYS,
      GROUP HUG IN MY OFFICE FRIDAY, my treat for lunch.

    • Mr MM

      I finally figured out that you are not a market maker, but rather a manic moron who happens to be short this stock based on some B.S. speculation about prior sale.

      I think the recent price activity is that FDP will have a traditionally weak 3rd and 4th quarter due to exchange rate "normalcy" and also the banana market is in the crapper. I can buy FDP for less than $3 per box and competition less than $2.

      Nontheless, expect earnings to still reach the $3.60 - $3.80 range for this year.

      Lose the moronic posts if you would please.

    • Jim,
      Give the points, and go with the JETS. Actually, to spell it out, I am a Private MONEY MANAGER since 1988 via BEAR Stearns Arb. Desk. I was under the impression that this message board was to voice an opinion which might differ from my yahoo peers, sorry that I am not looking north like yourselves. Have a wonderful weekend.

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