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  • bdell555 bdell555 Jan 23, 2004 10:42 AM Flag

    Merrill Lynch report out today

    Lenny T has something to say. Can anyone provide a gist of his latest update?

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    • Oops. I meant I know we still have a 10+% market share (not business).

    • .49. I know it is 10+% of our business, but I don't think that is where our priorities are right now. I really appreciate your turning me on to the Packer. I enjoyed the Q & A with Chiquitas new CEO and the State of Fresh Produce article. Thanks.

    • You HG subscribers can ignore the first word and last sentence in this post, was more a bad day than anything. Of course your comments are always welcome here.

    • Thanks Fools:I'm sorry that you could get the impression of being criticized by some posters,
      in a board usually friendly and moderate (flaming and his alias are the exception confirming the rule).
      I'm sure that many long holders in FDP sure appreciated your intervention on the stock.
      As you probably understood by now,the only real problem of this company,very well run,
      at least until now,has been having against what appears to be a" campaign" by
      shorts,along with some unfriendly and,up to know,unsubstantiated analyst and press reports.
      If you like to know better,go and read the posts in the board of 18-12 months ago,you will understand.
      Good luck with your investment.
      As for insider holding,watch the record:at regular intervals,no matter what the price is,
      the owners what appears taking some cash at home from the very large position they have in the stock.
      Remember that few years ago they bought the company nearly bankrupt and full of debt,and turned it in an earning machine,without debt,
      with cash available for acquisition,and paying dividends.

    • Walnut,

      "HG is 68.21 % vs S%P 11.53%"

      Over how many months?

    • Wholesale fruit prices for pines,cantaloups,honeydews are up vs. last year at this time in most parts of the world,including the states. Bananas were lower at the start of the year, but are now on par with last year's prices.Volumes out of Costa Rica and Guatamaula,2 large growing regions for FDP, have increased by as much as 20% so far this year. Looks like a great start to the year.

    • Hey,

      I was not rude to you so you don't have to be to me and YOU are the one who is a liar (or maybe just misinformend). As of this morning, the exact track record of Tom G's picks in HG vs. the S&P is exactly as follows:

      HG is 68.21 % vs S%P 11.53%. Fact.

      Anybody who is a subscriber to HG can tell you exactly that, the scorecard is updated automatically. Fact.

      So stop lying and calm down.

    • Today, how much do you pay for a pound in your local supermarket?

    • I meant Fyffes.

    • wrong! Look to the players. Dole has been taken private. who turned a Dole plantation into a resort? David Murdoch. Now that he has a private company what is he going to do?

      Chiquita is growing its banana business and its quality is poor. That UK company Pfyefs(sp)? Can buy chiquta, but FDP is already ready to move into the EU.

      The merrill bi@@h is a joke. Never right. FDP is growing pineapples cheaper and in better quality than anyone else. Check out the financials of the small producers - they are losing money.

      Who cares about bananas, we gave up 3% in market share to maintain our margins, let dole and chiquita duke it out.

      Fresh cut is not the only thing FDP is into - Lets call it value added. Quick cooking fresh baked potatoes, new pineapple due out in commercial volumes in 2006, citrus technology from the state of FL, their polish subsidiary will join the EU in May 2004.

      You motley fools just follow along. You don't know anything about what you buy, that is why you are ridiculed by the people who have been on boards for a long time.

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