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  • golf4444michael golf4444michael May 3, 2006 8:43 AM Flag

    do your own dd

    just throwing a new stock into the mix if anybody is interested, i am long adbl going into the numbers next week. they are going to announce blow away numbers and raise gui.
    as i said, do your own dd.
    satan, what have you actually contributed to this board (PIKER)?! i have NEVER read anything directional, helpful or providing guidence from you. i feel that you are just initiating a fight/argument with me for no reason, and your comment about your $8mm, i pitty you PIKER, i too live in manhattan on cpw, but you will NEVER hear me talk about $. a wise man once told me that when you brag about $, it's because you don't have any (PIKER). i have seen your likes in pregnant for 4 years on this board, you come and go, with only bs to spew. furthermore, i have been leading the short charge for 4 years and asking for mo to resign. i don't wish to see fdp file ch11, i would love for the employees to remain on board, and the co. to turn around, but untill i see certain changes, i will continue to opportunistically short fdp, and make $ while i am doing so. you on the other hand have NOTHING of substance to offer, with who the hell knows what your motivation is. i surmise that your motivation is just looking out for #1 "yourself", as you sound like a selfish, selfcentered, simpleton.
    either, say something intelligent, or go back in your hole (PIKER).

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    • You are an idiot.
      Kindly translate this as it pertains to you:
      "Ani Tipaish."
      Marieldon sends regards.
      Oh, by the way, the luster of More Golf for Michael has been tarnished.
      What do you need to do here any longer other than feed your ego and see yourself in cyberprint?
      Next time you ask for credentials you better have impeccable ones yourself!
      But, I have to thanky you for telling me who you are.

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      • "you are an idiot", good response you illiterate, simpleton PIKER.
        "ani tipaish", listen you fuckin wimpy, nebbish, upper west side, 86th street synagogue, yeshiva university looser. you feel safe hiding behind the anonymity of your name in cyber world, but don't cause further embarrassment to yourself with the "ani tipaish" comment you fuckin disgrace. and don't imply that you are clearing trades for mo. as it would be unethical and illegal for you to publically address anybody elses trades.
        "michael has been tarnished", you think i give a fuck what you or anybody say's about me on this board, get a life you embarrassment........

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