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  • mikerj1976 mikerj1976 May 4, 2006 8:40 AM Flag

    Very sad...

    To everyone on this board,

    I've been observing this stock for a while now and check the message boards every once in a while. It is sad to see what they have become - a place for people to trash others' management and decision making instead of merely discussing the stock. What makes it all funny is the actual content. If you really want to trash others, please take a good look at yourselves first. One person claims that FDP keeps on hiring 'nobodies'. Then please my friend, reveal yourself, the person who is sitting behind his desk at some crappy job trying to make ends meet and whose boss probably does not even know his name. Then there are the others that trash religions. Why is it you think people around the world hate us Americans so much? It is because of rednecks like you who trash other races and religions for the stupidest reasons and advise people to stop buying or investing in foreign products just because you are frustrated with your own issues. And you sit there and trash the CEO like you know him or like he is some religous extremist. I have never met him and probably never will, and truth be told I never really sat there and thought about what I think of him. However, he seems like a hard-working businessman and he is also well respected in the business world so I don't know why there is all this anger. In conclusion, while you sit there and trash his 'bad' decisions, he is spending his hard-earned millions and enjoying life which are made possible by those same 'bad' decisons and the truth is...while he's doing that...we all know that he is probably never gonna read a single one of those messages directed at him! And before I get a million 'hate' replies ... don't take it personally ... actually think about what I have said and tell me what I have said that is wrong, as I am sure most people on this board will agree with me.

    Thank you

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    • Good points, I could even figure out where that Mohammed thread started so I stayed out. The world's Great Religions have to get along, unless we want wars involving billions of people. I don't. The hope is in the moderate, rational forces within each society to reach out and reinforce each other.

      Meanwhile FDP is heading for a deeper section of the bargain bin.

    • I second your assessment that the level of discourse on this board is particularly low. Indeed management should not come in for derision based on their religion or nationality. Having said that, they SHOULD come in for derision for their mismanagement, unprofessionalism and contemptous attitude toward shareholders. This applies to Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh and Mr. Inserra. Their treatment of analysts on their conference calls is inexcusable as is their blithe dismissal of many legitimate inquiries. They do not seem to take seriously the notion that they have business partners in us, the public shareholders. And it bodes ill for the stock near term.

      But this stock reminds me alot of another stock that I heard Mario Gabelli describe once: "What does this company have? Location, location, location. What does this company lack? Manangement, management, management." If you have a long enough view, eventually management has to get it right or be gone. If they screw it up much more, they will invite the likes of a Carl Icahn into the sandbox. If they tank the company in order to buy it back cheaply, they will by up to their necks in lawsuits for the next decade. They can't be dumb enough to not see this, so what we have to rely on is the this team's incentive to get it right. Presumably, Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh does not want to see this major family asset become worth a fraction of what it is potentially worth. Presumably he doesn't want to be beseiged by shareholder lawsuits, and presumably he does not want his name and reputation to forever carry a taint in the US capital markets, and presumably he doesn't want to fight a raider. That is the best hope we have in the absence of any evidence that this management team is serving our interests.

      I think we will make good money here, but perhaps not for awhile, and we will almost certainly get grey hairs in the meantime.

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