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  • marieldon2001 marieldon2001 May 17, 2006 7:35 PM Flag

    Laggards, nothing to say?

    I will concede that it takes facts to push a stock along its way.
    Now, only Faye would be stupid enough to fall for LeonMusa posts from Pluto.
    As for the rest of you, do you really want to tell your grand children that you attached your fortune in life to FDP?
    Is FDP going to be your success story?

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    • Banana sales dip despite low prices Despite prices being at record lows, banana sales plummeted in the four weeks to April 23.
      The latest war being waged by the big four retailers saw prices of loose bananas slashed by 24.7 per cent � to 64p a kilo � in the last week of March.
      TNS data shows that in the four following weeks, volume sales dropped by 7.1 per cent, expenditure fell by 23.9 per cent and consumer penetration crashed 10 per cent.
      An estimated �7 million of value was wiped off the category as a whole in the period, which represents a 13.9 per cent value decrease year-on-year. Although prepacked sales held up better despite similar price cuts, they could not stop the overall volume drop of 4.5 per cent.
      No supermarket made any discernible climb in the market share league table compared to the previous four weeks. All lost turnover in the period and Asda, which led the cull, has gained nothing and wiped almost �1m off its turnover in the process.
      The staggering figures back up industry insiders who have long claimed there is no correlation between sales volumes and price in the banana category. The late Easter holidays and, to a degree, poor weather, would have had an effect on sales, but, say suppliers, there is little doubt that the price cuts have affected sales. Story published: Thu 18 May 06 12:01

    • Definen situaci�n
      Anoche se reiniciaron las conversaciones entre los trabajadores de la zona bananera de Urab� y los productores de la fruta afiliados a Augura. El presidente de la agremiaci�n, Roberto Hoyos, se�al� que se trabajar� arduamente, hasta ma�ana viernes posiblemente, con miras a evitar la huelga, que ser�a funesta para la econom�a de la regi�n.

      Ante las peticiones de los trabajadores, que exigen incremento salarial de 10 por ciento, dijo que se busca una soluci�n pero asegur� que se trata de un grupo que goza de grandes beneficios en comparaci�n con otros sectores de la econom�a.

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