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  • dcmorlando dcmorlando Jun 1, 2006 4:44 AM Flag


    I do not get the benefit to FDP of the Dannon tie in. Yogurt masks the taste of the fruit. I don't see how the new promotion will benefit FDP any more than what they did with Wendy's. Just spinning their wheels?

    Fresh fruit is better than frozen or canned fruit, you can differentiate there; once you mix it with yogurt in a smoothie don't you lose most of that distinction?

    Why don't they just concentrate on expanding FDP Europe - that is where the higher margins will come from? Hello?

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    • Me and a friend have been discussing this. A $1 off for FDP fresh cut fruit if you buy two quarts of Dannon yogurt? FDP fresh cut is pineapples. You could save money by buying other fruit and putting it in a blender. The whole concept behind fresh cut is that it is convenient. Now you are making people put it in a blender? That is not convenience. This is a loser promotion for FDP (and Dannon). I like the current price of FDP; but every misstep of management keeps making me postpone my buy back. Marieldon, I believe you were long here when the stock started down; don't be such a smart ass.

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      • There is speculation that Fresh Del Monte CEO Mohammed Abu Ghazaleh has effectively stepped down and handed over the reins to company President Hani el-Naffy. However details behind the move remain unclear and Reefer Trends was unable to substantiate the story.
        Reefertrends wk24/06

      • Exactly when moron?
        You will see that I got out so you best refresh your data.
        I suggested it was a buy at $24. That was when the company still showed credibility.
        Then Motley Fool started over promoting it in their Hidden Gems nonsense, so, I am out long ago.
        Now, how many times did you change your mind on entry point little man?
        You can't make up your mind! How many revisions down do we have to hear from you?

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