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  • hbusheater hbusheater May 20, 2007 11:50 AM Flag

    From $15 to $24?

    have any of you boneheads factored in the price of fuel? FDP is a distribution company ALMOST as much as it is a farming company.

    I'm not just talking about ocean freight, but what about trucking the product from the port to the distribution centers or product to/from the canned facilities.

    If it hits $25, I'm going to short FDP on margin. I only wish that it traded more volume. I can't put a large offer out there without driving the price down. I've got some time. I'll do it piece by piece. Who the heck is buying this stock at $24???

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    • Someone who has reviewed the 10-year track record of this board and management team might buy it. Check out the return on equity over time. They know how to run this company....very well.

      They got clobbered by five hurricanes and a huge spike in fuel prices over the course of 18 months. I believe they have adjusted to fuel. The hurricanes don't come every year.


    • Short away - last quarter they made 84 cents and not all of the cost savings have been reflected in the earnings. June quarter could be the same or better. Earnings for the year should be in excess of two bucks per share. I say it is going to 30 easily. Good luck

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