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  • skiselev81 skiselev81 Mar 3, 2010 10:40 AM Flag

    is this moron kidding me???

    Downgrading a stock trading a tangible book value and a 7X 2010 p/e multiple...LOL. I think I've seen it all now. The poor girl must have tried to get her clients to short the stock after CQB's earnings, but I guess it didnt work too well. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Kinda ridiculous from her standpoint imo, I guess valuations dont matter in her world.

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    • regardless of the reported earnings, book value per share increased $.82 from $25.75 to $26.57 in q4...BV increased $3.00 in 2009 from $23.57 in q4,2008(actual)...reader

    • most likely big guys arent ready for the major move, so stalling out here, accumulating etc...

    • Disagree. Mohammad is the moron - you renege twice on an announced buyback program and you lose all credibility with investors. They have financial ability to bring back the dividend too but they won't because they are getting the Balance Sheet in shape to do another large deal. Mohammad is an empire builder and the stock rightly trades at a discount because this company is not run for shareholders. Heather Jones knows this very well, the multiples don't make this stock cheap, Mohammad makes this thing cheap.

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      • look to the poor pines prices on freshplaza com, pricewatch.

      • ure saying nonsense. What basis do you have to claim that theyre trying to make an acquisition? Also, their balance sheet is already very strong, what are you talking about them trying to make it better? I do suspect that with the strong cash flow generation they will eventually begin to buy shares, maybe it gets a bigger discount. There is no way this whole group should be trading at such low multiples and the google's of this world at sky high valuations. After all, people need food on this planet to survive, not google phones. Time will tell, patient investors should be rewarded. Btw, the earnings were absolutely AWESOME, how in the world can anyone say otherwise, that would be ludicrous.

    • I agree with you! FDP looks like a sold company & selling for approx. bookvalue. Profitable & decent guidance.

      Makes you wonder what some of the analyst's are on. Perfect example of the wall street crowd.

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      • bookerone dont dissapointme you and some others are doing tremendous job with CQB and some of us made a lot of money trading this shares but support what HJ from BB&T is saying make no sense she is erratic and have no clue about this business, Normally I do in reverse all she recomends and believe me I make money.I bought FDP shares this week when they were cheap but price increase at the end and was a shame, I need another HJ comments.

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