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  • XobserverX XobserverX Jun 29, 1999 5:01 PM Flag

    Sliding wrong way How come?????

    I think it may be very low volume about a third of normal volume
    any other ideas??????

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    • I don't think FDP employees are laggards. This
      company has been victim of a couple of felons, Nadir and
      Cabal. They were milking cash flow from FDP to fund
      their other schemes. Current CEO owns 65%+ of the
      company with none of his own capital at risk. He out
      negotiated the Mexican government (Tough job!) and got banks
      to put up the cash, then used IPO of 1/3 of company
      to repay bank debt. Since then, he has sold own or
      family related businesses to FDP at rich levels with
      so-called fairness opinions.

      At the end of the day
      no matter what nonsense goes on, banana prices will
      dictate FDP's performance. Micro has some good comments
      about DM Gold marketing strategy. I've heard the same
      that supermarkets will drop them cold once other
      suppliers have competitive product. Don't know when that
      will happen. I've also heard someone is growing the
      stuff in Ecuador. If so, watch out because those guys
      will pump in as much volume as possible regardless of
      price. Just look at the banana business.

      this stock has lousy float (trading volumes) and large
      ownership by CEO will keep out many large institutional
      investors. This sector is the dog of dogs right now. No
      winners here (FDP,DOL,CQB).

    • Microsoft man.... OK, you have sources stating
      that there is in- fact problems internally. Until very
      recent quarter, results were looking promising. With
      banana market problems and whatever else, there is a
      sign of some cracks. Now I understand these new guys
      took over an existing management that was not
      successful and needed a new culture which I understand they
      delivered swiftly. Is that culture good for the future
      success of FDP and 'us shareholders'? As for these 25
      people looking for jobs I have one question, are they
      they the performers? If it is the performers that are
      leaving then we have problems, if it is the laggards, let
      'em go fishin.

      A Shareholder

    • As I said in an earlier posting, the management
      is garbage. It is true taht mgmt. is treating their
      people like SH**.

      My brother is a finanical
      recruiter in Miami and he tells me that they have a
      horrible reputation due to the cheapness of management and
      the way they treat their employees. He has over 25
      resumes from people currently working at Del Monte who
      are looking to get out. The job market is booming and
      when you have people looking to get out, and can't
      attract new talent, the company suffers and so will the
      stock price. The asshole who is CEO can't treat people
      like he is still in the middle east.

      This came
      out at 16 in the IPO, I know because I was stupid
      enough to buy some and sold at a loss of 14 1/2. The
      stock market is at new highs and yet FDP is 20% below
      it high.

      Another problem is that they
      overcharge for the GOld pinapple. I was in the store and is
      was 5.99. I won't pay for that and most middle class
      people can't afford that either. That is POOR

      AS I said it realtes to one thing. PISS POOR
      management. People will catch on, and so will the Board and
      hopefully start over with a smarter CEO, with a different
      approach, becasue obviously this one isn't working.

    • This Company is forecasted to earn almost $2.00
      for the year ended Dec, is being recommended strong
      buy by 5 brokerage houses and is trading at a scant 6
      times this years earnings? What is wrong here, is it
      the banana pricing and if so how come the earnings
      forecast is still so bullish.

    • Stonecrab, you must know some of the interworking
      of the banana industry, i have been following the
      big three, understand that this is the traditional
      low point of the banana pricing cycle, late summer.
      Now, this FDP sounded to be the interesting play, but
      i am hearing that inside management has gone from
      tough new kids on the block to the f-troop with poor
      team work and low moral. Do you know if this is a true

    • Based on what, I am looking to find a reason to
      believe in new mgmt and this well known brand. BUT,
      banana business is terrible, pineapples making money but
      their exclusive gold is being challenged by Dole and
      the rest of their business's are really questionable
      in terms of returns, especially their new
      acquisition that is supposed to be really underperforming.
      Where is a reason to load up and what will drive this
      over $20? I too have bought in on this Co.

    • Hope you haven't spent that $700 already? Banana volumes still too high and prices too low! Whole sector getting crushed.

    • looking for december to sell at over $20.00

    • <EOM>

    • FDP down almost a point since your last post,
      volume low. FDP is about to set an all-time low. Let's
      get a bucket of that Del Monte chicken and figure out
      how to get this hound moving to the


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