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  • mai50525 mai50525 Nov 21, 1999 3:28 PM Flag

    doomed before 2000

    IMHO we're drifting further and further in the
    mud because of the year-end sell-off for tax reason.
    Well, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. In the
    mean time, for T'giving, let's stuff turkey with
    banana, bake banana pie, drink banana cocktail, then ...
    do it with banana.

    Banana forever! Long
    life to banana! Go banana, go!!!!!!

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    • This hound could hit 7 by year end at this pace!
      A lot of folks will probably stay on the sidelines
      until Q4 earnings are released. Let's hope they get the
      numbers out a little bit faster than last quarter.

    • Anyone know the retail price for Del Monte Gold in your area? Have you seen the Dole Premium Select product yet?

    • All 3 of these hounds (DOL,CQB,FDP) have been
      howling for quite some time. But if you are going to
      compare stock perfomance, you need to use the same time
      periods. Since FDP went public it is down 50% comapred to
      DOL's -66% and CQB -75%. All stink!!! Problem for FDP
      is that they are viewed as the #3 player by the
      supermarket trade. FDP needs to make a public statement that
      they care more about profits and shareholder value
      than market share and CUT VOLUMES! Getting out of the
      poultry business would be another positive.

    • Those two companies are at all time lows, DOL
      went from $52 to $15.5, CQB is at $4, they both posted
      losses vs. FDP profit in the third quarter, I don't see
      you badgering them. We do have to thank you for not
      using bad language or racism on this board as you had
      before. Any constructive comments are welcomed wether
      they be negative or positive. Banana prices are at an
      all time low that is shown by the performance of all
      banana companies, the management at FDP seem to be doing
      one of the better jobs in the industry. As for youre
      300 shares maybe you should have sold when FDP blew
      away estimates and the stock moved to $22. But it is
      still good to see that old stock holders are still
      watching the company and its performance. Maybe if banana
      prices turn around and start going up you can invest
      another $5,000. I bought and am hoping one day I can make
      good money.

    • Now I see I am not the only one who has been
      badgered on this board.

      I must agree that I am
      sure there are more than just myself and fdp lost who
      have negative views.

      I got this shitty company
      from my broker at Morgan Stanley who recommended it. I
      wound up selling out at 12 after it was issued at 16. i
      waslucky only got 300 shares and lost 25%.

      bottom line is the market is at record highs and this
      stock is down almost 50%.

      first rule of finance
      is to maximize shareholder value. If management
      can't do that, then they don't belong.

      I think
      delmonte should start firing at the top. Remember the fish
      stinks from the head down.

      By the way those who
      followed my advice to buy sun microsystems and microsoft
      are reaping huge rewards. sunw will split on

      Keep up the good arguing here. it makes things

    • buy and sell you, punk. (is that personal enough for you (?)"

      who died and made you the new Godfather?
      lighten up big guy.

    • Slavery is finished. Nobody buys and sells anyone anymore.

    • its good were talking to a rich man who has
      nothing better to do than post on this board. keep up the
      good work 'PUNK' . I hope I can be as wealthy as you
      one day and be able to telll people I can buy and
      sell them.

    • deal with the way, you have me all wrong.
      not an ex employee and not a competitor. see prior's an open forum for positive and negative posts. no
      anger here. as for a job, i could buy and sell you,
      punk. (is that personal enough for you)

      i work
      for myself.

      fpd is making mistakes. i'm hear
      voicing my opinions. hopefully that will keep other longs
      from blindly listening to the bullshit that you are
      putting out about your company. maybe they'll take a
      little from me and a little from you and form an
      intelligent opinion. gee, let's see, wasn't fdp flirting with
      $20 not too long ago? if you think my words can bring
      down the stock you really should be helping yourself
      because you truely are lost.

    • get out there find a job and maybe you will be
      happy. Letting youre anger out on this board is not the
      answer. Many people lose their jobs I'm sure FDP had
      their reasons to fire you, eventhough you think FDP
      made a mistake. Don't take this personally but I am
      here to help the lost. Try not to attack people
      personally implying that they are employees, you might not
      think so but their are people with money invested in
      this company that are positive about it, and want to
      see the stock appreciate. Then there is you who has
      nothing better to do except be negative and scare people
      , why? to bring down the stock or to let out youre
      anger towards this company for some reason.

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