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  • unwalla69 unwalla69 Mar 15, 2000 5:55 PM Flag


    my sources tell me that 4-5 employees, from AP have resigned. if there is nothing wrong with the management style to cause such continues exodus, some one better check the referee!!

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    • Ok, now I know that I don't need to waste too
      much time conversing with you because your opinion is
      going to be biased anyway due to your bitterness maybe,
      but that's your problem. We are aware that sometimes
      the DC's do certain things that may not be kosher in
      order to move a couple of loads, but this is still the
      beginning, they are still trying to get a foot hold in the
      market, they are still new and need to establish market
      presence. Once they become significant players in the
      market then they can begin pursuing the correct adgenda
      laid out for them, and upcharges will begin to be
      instilled. This is already happening of course, but not as
      much as it is supposed to, but it will eventually. FYI
      I am aware that previous management(s) developed
      the Gold, I never said that they didn't...but really
      when you go from a loss of around 120 Mil one year to
      a net gain of around 50 Mil the next and continue
      to show strong results (compared to the industry)
      year in and year out, then that is really the bottom

    • one point....fdp is losing trust from alot of
      customers. they have made it clear that they will work with
      a wholesaler until such a time as they can go
      direct to the independant grocers and foodservice houses
      themselves. why would anybody partner with del monte.

    • Its easy to point out short comings of DM, but
      give me some examples of large grower/shipper's in any
      commodity that are so great,progressive and yes,
      profitable. I worked recently in California and I didnt see
      many trying anything new, just attempting
      just for thought
      What if Del Monte buys a veg
      shipper, and maybe a citrus shipper or two. The dc's
      become full line houses, and become very formidable
      competition to many big city jobber/wholesalers in 1900 built
      buildings with limited resources.

      How many large
      chains are going to discontinue Dm golds, knowing the
      supply is there. When Dole has not even come close to
      showing anyone a consistent supply. They went through the
      growing pains with Dm, will they want to do it again.
      There is such a demand for Golds That when supplies get
      tight a "black market" is created for the damn things
      26.00 to 30.00 dollars a box, for 5 pines. I wouldnt
      bury them yet.

    • Your example is good for a retail customer that
      has ripening problems but most retail customers call
      the banana room supplier when they have ripening
      problems. That is why DOLE bought Cool Care. How often does
      the DC have the correct product available when they
      are ripening for "customers wih stringent demands
      according to reguired specifications"(your quote from
      message 560). Does the DC sell the fruit to the retail
      customer with ripening problems and not sell the customer
      he had ripened the fruit for in the first
      Yes, I did work for FDP and when I resigned they had
      three executives try to get me to change my mind. I
      have interviewed with the present management and was
      offered a position but turned them down.
      No company
      should invest this much and stop short of insuring
      quality service but FDP is doing it just ask any DC
      employee and look at the ads in the trade
      "Customer Service" is expensive and must be built into your
      price to pay for the service look at NORDSTROM's
      prices. If you provide customer service and do not charge
      for it you will never show a profit. Having extra
      bananas on hand for customer service reasons and to go
      cheap EVERY WEEK is very expensive. For example this
      week one DC went real cheap, they shipped a load of
      bananas to a wholesaler that told them he probably could
      not return them anything for the bananas.
      reports always paint a very positive picture of the
      company (IVORY TOWER mentality)not always the real world
      picture of the business. Del Monte DC's are very much
      like a baby--not a lot of good thought put into the
      decision to open them and not a lot of experience with the
      people that run them. Yes they need a lot of nuturing
      and they still may not turn out to be mature
      For your information the pineapple was not started or
      developed by present management so make sure you give the
      proper credit for pineapple success to past management
      (RJ Reynold, Polly Peck, and yes Cabal).
      maybe legitimate now but time will tell if the right
      decisions are being made now by present management.
      still feel you are observing the industry from a
      distance that does not enable you to see the real problems
      at FDP.

    • Ivory Tower? I don't think so, just an observer
      of the industry.
      Since you are so adamant about
      the real world, then let me give you real world
      examples my friend: Large retail customer X buys 20 loads
      a week. Customer X has technical problems,
      anything, not enough gassing so a load won't turn, or too
      cold so they chill a load, anything. X calls the DC
      (or the sales office for that matter) and informs
      them of the situation. Immediately, the QC rep, where
      ever he may be, becomes aware and heads over to X,
      points out the problem and try to find a solution. In
      addition to all this, the DC is still close by to be able
      to supply X with a whole new load to replace their
      chilled one. PROACTIVE RESPONSE.
      If it is true that
      you used to work for this company and are no longer
      there because you couldn't handle the pressure or
      something of that nature then how would you know that the
      company no longer has qualified people? With every new DC
      they will hire and train personnel for this I said before no company is going to invest this
      much and stop short of insuring quality
      Even if a wholesaler is long on their bananas, it is
      better to have the supply on hand just in case, than for
      a banana company to be caught with the pants down,
      telling the retailer that they're sorry they can't find
      anything for them until the boat comes in. Maybe the DC
      does have to go cheap at times to move a load, but
      once again, there is a trade off and it is known as
      "customer service."
      You can call the DC DM's middle man
      if you like, but it's existence does not change the
      fact that it is in line with the objective of complete
      vertical integration to be able to control every aspect of
      the supply and service chain. Go pick yourself up an
      annual report to read more about these objectives and
      maybe you can start to comprehend why certain actions
      are imperative to gain a competitive advantage. Like
      any baby, you have to nurture your investment. In
      answer to your question, if the DC's weren't turning a
      profit then why do they keep popping up all over the
      country? Obviously management is happy with the returns.
      As far as pines are concerned, I cannot dispute you,
      this is the jewel in the crown. So the company
      innovated, came up with something superior and gained
      immense market share..what is wrong with that? As far as
      manipulating pine figures to reflect DC profitability is
      concerned, don't forget that this company is no longer being
      run by Polly Peck or Mr. Cabal. Business is
      legitimate these days.

    • I agree Chiquita has a lot more problems than
      Fresh Del Monte.

      Your defense of Distribution
      Centers (especially Del Monte's) leads me to believe you
      work in an Ivory Tower. All of your statements make
      sense in an ideal world but the wholesale produce
      business does not operate that way in the real world
      especially in regards to bananas.

      1) What service can
      Del Monte DC's provide that is not available? How
      much experience does any Del Monte tech or QC rep
      have? They have lost all their good reps and have no
      one to train thier new ones. There is more experience
      and knowledge from the wholesalers than their is from
      Del Monte.
      2) What does the DC do with the bananas
      they ripen for a certain customer when the customer is
      long and does not need the bananas? Then the
      wholesalers buy those bananas at cheap prices ($4 to $5 below
      the true market) to help Del Monte. For your
      information this happens every week at almost every DC and I
      am sure you do not see that from your Ivory
      3) How can you eliminate the middle man in the
      banana industry when the bananas have to been ripened
      before they are shipped to the retail store? Is a Del
      Monte DC not a middle man owned by Del Monte? Is there
      no incentive for the DC to be profitable? Again
      Ivory Tower thinking not real world thinking.
      their employees are not inexperienced why do they run
      ads in all the trade publications looking for people
      to manage their DC's? Name one employee at a Del
      Monte DC that has enough expierence to run a DC with
      his own money at risk?
      5) Is it true that no Del
      Monte DC is making a profit? I am sure you have those
      figures in your Ivory Tower office or may be you are
      working on making the figures show a profit with some of
      the pineapple profits.

      The banana business is
      not profitable and Del Monte DC's is not the answer.


    • In Dole and Fresh America's case it may have been
      bad timing or some mismanagement. As we all know,
      this is an industry with immense risks, and reliance
      on simply a few items from a few places is
      insufficient. If you like giving examples, then why don't we
      take a look at Chiquita? How diversified is it? Not
      much at all, and if you are not aware of their
      situation I would be glad to review there problems next
      time I post.
      Distribution centers are not a form
      of diversification, they are a form of value added
      service. Foremost, they are there to provide large
      wholesale and retail chains with a service that is simply
      not there in the industry. They can ripen and deliver
      to customers with stringent demands according to
      required specifications. This gives these customers
      confidence that the company can provide them with whatever
      they need. The distribution centers have tech and QC
      reps which spend extensive time with clients in their
      area, servicing their needs and helping them understand
      how to better handle the produce when it comes in
      (the other players do not provide something this
      extensive). In addition, the DC's are able to carry fruit
      over and service accounts when they are short given
      their close proximity to clients, as opposed to the
      problem of having the product located far away at the
      ports. As far as wholesalers are concerned, the whole
      point, just like in any industry, is to eliminate the
      middle man as much as possible, because you usually have
      to get cheap with wholesalers. Believe me, these
      employees are not inexperienced. A company will not invest
      resources of this magnitude and then go cheap right before
      the finish line.

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