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  • fritzdutchrio fritzdutchrio Apr 13, 2006 11:57 PM Flag


    I wasnt able to get back to you before now on your question what to look for on scottrade. The trouble i have had and several others was when you want to make a trade you can get into your account. you have to call in. Well by the time you call in the stock i had , had fallen. Like the day Goldcorp reported a good earnings and it shot up big and then fell off. I couldnt get in to my account to sell my stock. COst me about $1,000. that isnt the only time. This happened at least once a week for a couple weeks. They said it was a server problem.. Well one other person commented it cost him $6,000. cuz he couldnt get logged in either. just a bad deal.. I do like their streaming quotes and cheap trades but that does you no good when you cant get threw. They dont seem to understand that calling in isnt like trading online. You try to get the most out of your buck and you sit and wait to talk to someone when you call in. Just isnt the same. but is very very disgusting. I am sorry i didnt respond to you question before now. Hope you get this.