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  • zbuxstertheindianhater zbuxstertheindianhater Mar 20, 2007 7:02 PM Flag

    how patient do I have to be with cmed??

    Saleem posted cmed was ready to break out.
    hajayce posted investor conference was a catalyst for big uptrend move.
    My master zbuxster(the most arrogant racist in the world) posted CMED: Strong positive divergence on weeklies. Watch the coming action.

    However my cmed is going nowhere. These so called experts told me to be patient with cmed. cmed will eventually break out.

    Can I realistically expect cmed to break out to 30s in 2010?

    BE PATIENT with CMED everyone!!

    zbuxster the indian hater

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    • your misquoting my statement of 3/19

      "CMED still indecisive with a upside bias plus todays conference. "


      "hajayce posted investor conference was a catalyst for big uptrend move."

      indicates to me that you are stirring the pot. Some say you a basher of some sort. That makes me think shorts are scared.

      who knows, I don't own any CMED and you own 1 share so you must have a good reason for being here and telling us you own 1 share. You are a "funny guy."

    • Well, I am sure master Saleem is talking to CMED management so that they can buy back all the outstanding shares and take this growing company to private. This will be great trap for Indian shorts who have shorting this mercilessly. Some one billion shares have been shorted so far.