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  • relixirel relixirel Sep 24, 2009 3:48 PM Flag

    Anyone knows what made CMED crash today?

    I couldn't find any reason for this intensive pullback.

    I can understand a pullback due to a very good rally on the past two weeks, but the way the stock fell down today doesn't look like a regular pullback, but like something bad happend there.

    CMED usually doesn't get much affected from the market, so even though the market went down hard today, I don't think it has nothing to do with it.

    What's your opinion? A regular pullback or bad news?

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    • It's a hugh subject to write over a forum like that..

      If you want to learn some more enter traderx's blog:

    • Well I guess our daytrader Friend has already checked out.
      Good luck to all longs.

    • I hope you make Money daytrading, but as you know what you are doing in CMED's case is not daytrading, because a daytrader does't keep any positions overnight. I some times do day trading
      myself. now how do you do it?? have you been doing this for long? do you make money? How do you do your stock pick? with what kind of profit/loss do you exit a position??

    • I hope you make Money daytrading.I some times do daytrading. What you do( at least in this case is not daytrading), because daytraders sell before the day is over.Now how do you do it?? Have you been doing this for long time? do you make Money? How do you do your stock picks?, and with what kind of profit/loss do you exit?

    • No problem.. i'm not offended.

      Anyhow, don't know if you used to daytrade, but when you daytrade, not like investments, you follow the graphs and the graphs only. The only thing you should care beyond graphs are important market messages such as today's
      drop in manufacturing activity, what makes the market change direction sharply most of the time.

      Daytrade isn't silly, it's just very hard to maintain consistency due to a hugh mental issue. If you're not cold hearted when daytrading, you'll fail, period. Everything's moving so fast you've got no time for crying over a losing stock, or else you'll find yourself in a hole you won't know how to get out. I'm talking from a bitter experience when I started trading.

      Anyway - CMED finally made a real pullback today. I hope the 15.85 becomes a support and it'll go back up.


    • Apologies for being snide. Those are legit questions. I am not a big believer in charts or daytrading but if it makes you money more power to you.

    • Why should you know? Because you decided to hold it and not just flip it, that's why.

      And even if daytrading you should know what you are trading. It doesn't matter much, I suppose, but daytrading is kind of silly anyway. Dojis? Please.

      But by all means good luck with all that.

    • Why should I know?
      Untill 3 weeks ago I never swinged more than a week, and never invested in a stock, only daytrading.

      So, I know how to analyse graphs, but I don't know how a divided works, because i never expected to get one due to a daytrading and not investing.

    • Thanks for the Info. guys.

    • Oh if you don't sell you still get the div in Oct. because your owner of record on ex-div date. So do what you will with your share's the divi is yours.

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