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  • fluffybunnytr7 fluffybunnytr7 Jan 26, 2012 8:19 AM Flag

    Have fun but I made my money x10

    I've bought into this for the last 5 years on and off as it pulled back, I've traded it, and held it for years at a time and it always exceeded my expectations. I cheered for it to the unbelievers and thumbed my nose at the bashers. It allowed me to say I told you so.

    So I'm cashing in while its on the upswing and taking a long vacation. Thank you PXD for years of faithful profits! I have no doubt longs will see even higher numbers for years to come.

    I'm retired now so its a MLP for this money.

    Happy Trading

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    • hey fluff I got out of PXD too soon I guess but like you I made some good money off it. It went down to low lower than XOM and now once again sets well above XOM. If PXD once again falls back for any reason other than production related I may aging get pack into it.

      Hard not to play a slot machine that pays off even if you have to put more money in before pushing the button.

      I see you are in LEI are you positive on it?
      Have an opinon of SSN?

      Enjoy your retirement time flies but no law against playing the market as well as those MLP lol.

      I got into PER for a income stream and go luck and bought some PBN.TO before the recent jump up in price both for income only and play AGNC for same reason. But PXD still calls me as it came from MesaLP days long ago and was the first stock I evey bought. The old dog did me well finally so I may pet it again in the future.

      Best of luck Fluff.

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      • I expect a LEI stock price to Triple this year as new JV deals and new Eagleford and Austin Chalk wells come online. They are very close to a profit now and with the low low float, if anybody wants in they must pay up or pass.

        I took a look at SSN , it looks to me like it does not have much of a future, the price drop over two years shows no sign of reversing. The news well not bad is not enough to lift the stock anytime soon.

        Happy Trading

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