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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jun 18, 2011 3:12 AM Flag

    UNWPX chart(s) that include reinvested dividends.

    Does anyone have a link to a free charting service with charts that include reinvested dividends in fund performance? If so, please provide a link(s) to charts that are interactive, and have relatively complete options, such as full time spans, without requiring a subscription to the service.

    So far one service has been identified, but it is not nearly as good as charts from StockCharts, BigCharts and even Yahoo. StockCharts, BigCharts and Yahoo do not include reinvested dividends, so if UNWPX is compared to funds like USAGX, VGPMX and BGEIX the fund appears to underperform substantially. It seems a bit strange that UNWPX doesn’t recommend such a service, other than what they provide, as a selling point for their fund. An Internet search disclosed that a number of other investors are also questioning this lack of good charts including dividend reinvestments. The comments viewed were quite old (2008), so it seems this charting information is being withheld for some reason. For example, Morningstar has a sector listing for Equity Precious Metals rankings, which is a rank listing of all funds in the sector, but these rankings DO NOT include dividends, so the UNWPX rank ends up quite far down the list on most available time spans. Also, there are a number of downsides to registering with charting services, even if free, since the information required to register becomes a license to send all sorts of unwanted spam.

    The problem with UNWPX is that its chart appears to underperform unless reinvested dividends are included. The dividends from UNWPX have been quite substantial, and when they are included its performance is comparable to others in this sector. Otherwise the fund appears to be performing quite poorly. The following is a link to a charting service that DOES include reinvested dividends:

    tinyurl com/CHARTSwithREINVEST (Replace the space with “.” on the address line to access)

    The problem with charts from this source is that they are somewhat primitive as they do not include many of the options that other services have. It does seem that charting services are controlling free content to a large extent in order to charge for it. But there remains the question on the product side (fund/stock sales) what exactly is the real purpose of such restrictions, as they don’t seem to be totally profit motivated, as would be usually expected.

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    • There's only one totally objective, neutral, completely reliable, "unsponsored," source of this information. It's a site made available by the entire industry's regulatory agency and has absolutely no vested interest in promoting a thing except the consumer's education and safety. Simply remember "", and use it before investing in any fund. One of the best features is the tool that allows you to compare 3 different funds at once. You enter the return you would "hope" to see on your investment, and the site's tool will allow you to see exactly what it will cost you in each case to realize that return.

    • Morningstar Ratings take into account reinvested dividends as well as fund expenses. I was in this "no-load" fund when, while I was down 40%, fund investors didn't know enough to reject the fund board's request to raise fees! That was insult upon insult, self-inflicted injury, simply asking the fund to take away more of your hard-earned money. And some investors got in through this fund's ubiquitous presence on brokerage sites like Schwab, not realizing that "cost-averaging" will mire them even more deeply in the hole because of transaction fees as much as 5 times those for a common stock transaction (i.e. $50 per buy or sell transaction). On this one, Cramer for a change has got it right. The only gold play that makes sense is to buy the dead metal through the ETF: GLD. Since then, I'm up 30% instead of down 40%. Cramer also says that buying the mining stocks (as opposed to the metal per se) is simply too big a risk in comparison to potential rewards, but if you're determined to do so, the only way to do it is through another ETF: GDX. After striking out in this fund as well as in numerous small (EGO) and large (KGI) mining stocks, I can say that Cramer for once is offering free advice that can only be in the best interest of anyone interested in investing in gold.

    • This fund HAS performed poorly since 2005!

    • A very good point. Why do you think that US Global doesn't say again or do they? It is important to do your DD. Charts doesn't tell you the whole story, especially when they don't count the dividend in the numbers. Why can't they have a chart with both dividend and daily performance, all in the same chart? People will get a better picture of the "true" performance. They should also include capital gains and one time pay-outs, if that happens. There are funds that don't do that well in performance, but have great dividends, which makes the funds a very nice investment for people who depend more on the dividends and want alot less risk, which makes it attractive. I'm in the process of looking for something like that - maybe a Spider SDY, something like that. If you look at spider the performance isn't good and the charts are ugly, but they offer a nice dividend, so is it a good investment for someone in there 50's or 60's who wants alot less risk but can make 3%, 4% or 5% a year?

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      • Lately, since another poster suggested a website called DeepCapture com, the view here of the markets is that they are being run by criminals. You therefore can expect that every sort of deceit will be used to have your pocket picked.

        You, and any who read this message, need to visit “DeepCapture com”. You will be amazed, and perhaps frightened at the extent that the Mafia (Russian), jihadists and organized crime have pretty much taken over the financial markets. DeepCapture explains how the plunge in 2008 has been proven to have been caused by these groups working together to destroy western markets, and in particular that of the United States. Meanwhile regulators and the current Obama Administration are looking the other way, as if they haven’t noticed. FBI reports, as noted by DeepCapture, have uncovered the web of crooks working together through a brokerage called Penson Financial, which DeepCapture states is now the largest brokerage on planet Earth, having grown to this size in just 4 years. They are more dangerous to the country than those currently interred in Guantanamo, but apparently our elected representatives, including the President, have not seen fit to bring charges against them and ultimately to send them to Guantanamo as economic terrorists for their illegal naked short selling, the sole purpose of which is to destroy the financial markets.

        For anyone who visits DeepCapture be aware that the number of different stories about those committing crimes in the financial markets and their links to terrorism is huge. One way that has been found to wade through the maze of stories is to use the “Find” capability in your browser’s menu, put the name of the crook in question in the search box and find the s.o.b. on that page. Usually it is hyperlinked so you can travel throughout the website to see what other gangsters the crook is associated with. Some of these criminals, by the way, have been involved in the acquisition of nuclear materials destined to be placed in the hands of jihadists.

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