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  • bonaire2112 bonaire2112 Dec 18, 2011 2:21 PM Flag

    Zynga's affect on families

    Zynga. I have to say I strongly dislike them for personal reasons.

    So many people dive into their games for hours a day doing the same thing day after day. Farming, or whatever. This may give the users pleasure but it takes them out of the "real world". I honestly think, at times, that this company and other online game companies are fostered as stealthy warfare for the mindshare of humanity. I consider that they are fueled by evil. It's an electronic opiate.

    Some people get so addicted to the games after they go on unemployment that they cannot fathom getting a new job and then they waste away. I've heard stories that people have gotten divorced and separated over this addiction. Young parents spend hours on facebook and Zynga games rather than playing with their small children. It's sad to watch but it has affected my family and in-laws and it's playing a negative effect on so many families.

    How do you guys view it? Like blood-diamonds, I think this company is stealing time, health and life from healthy lives of our own citizens.

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    • First of all, I think you are insane. However, I believe that this was a humor post and give you an A for originality. If you're serious, you should protest the internet, movies, television, radio, books, magazines, etc.

      Good luck with your new mission!

    • I agree they are addicting...

      but it is no different then anything else that one does on the internet...or even yourself sitting here writing on Yahoo Finance.

      If your husband or wife is wasting their live on video games consider yourself lucky that he isn't doing worse off things and is home with you. Perhaps there is something wrong with the relationship and it is an escape.

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