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  • josemargarita81 josemargarita81 Jan 3, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    Pretty Clear to me...

    Zynga is going to under-perform the start the year, and that good news for people looking for a better entry point.

    If there was built up demand, you would've seen it pop today, and perform with the market, or better.

    Instead, it's heading the other way. That means I'll be able to get my shares at $8-$8.50 like I planned, unless some good news comes out first.

    For people waiting to buy, heed my predictions, they usually come true.

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    • I guess today was your entry day -- Sorry!

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      • At $9.50, I said we'd get to the $8-$8.50 level, that happend easily as predicted.

        I didn't buy it however because I feel there is more downside here.

        If you think I'm tricked into believing this has bottomed, I am not.

        Down 9% yesterday, and up 2.5% in an up market today. This doesn't signal a bottom to me. It makes sense that $8 had some strength because people like to buy in arbitary round numbers.

        Expect more downside.

        New target $6.75 to $7.50

    • Here's a good article about Zynga. This guy at least has a good bear case against Zynga.

      Competition, and lack of quality games.

      Is he right? No idea. But unlike most morons around here, at least he can make a case.

    • idiot what makes you think if its going down that it will stop at 8.5 ?? you don't know crap any more than this thing could go up from here on out or suddenly drop to 7. what you got a crystal ball.. seriously "good for those of us waiting for an entry point" there are plenty of better plays than that in the market today.

    • It's not very much of a moving stock because it's price ultimately will be determined by how much Facebook wants to pay for it when they go public.

      If Facebook doesn't see too much value, they'll lowball offer to buy Zynga and if Zynga balks, they let the company die a gruesome death.

      Classic scenario of a company going public in order to be bought by another company.

      I'm out.

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      • I just come out and say it, I think you're wrong.

        I don't see anyone buying Zynga right now, and I think Zynga would resist being bought.

        Why sell here if you see massive growth coming?

        Zynga doesn't need FB to do well. In fact, the wisest thing they could do, is keep spreading out across all markets, and make FB a smaller piece of their revenues.

        I'm not sure why everyone seems to tie Zynga and FB together, but it's not surprising that most don't understand this company. What I understand is the profits they are making. Do I think those will grow while the mobile revolution explodes?

        Yes I do.

        Now it's just a matter of what price to pay.

        I like to see an earnings report, and listen to a conference call, whenever it happens. That should answer a lot of questions.

    • you wait for $8 i'll wait for $4. I might get there last...but i'll get there best ; )

      Ridiculous PE here, and FB has changed too much to the Negative and you see less and less people playing "social games" on FB than before. That said FB is also another overrated IPO that might underperform current expectations after its IPO. Its trending down, with the users at least. Look what happened with Myspace. If I was an insider holding FB right now i'd be selling every share I own rite now at current overinflated IPO prices and waiting for after post IPO decline. Also more people are using their phones in general, so there will be less useres of FB and in turn users of ZNGA in the future.

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      • I realize FB is big for Zynga, but it won't be that way forever. They are expanding across all platforms of mobile gaming.

        Yes, FB now takes 30% of their revenues, but so do all these app stores.

        I'm not one bit interested in FB, but Zynga I will buy at the right price. Zynga is making money, FB isn't.

        What's ZNGA worth? Hard to say. Let's say they can drive profits at 30% a year, for a while. If that's the case, my mind say a 30PE is low, and 60PE is very high.

        I think they made $.15 last quarter, so that would mean $4.50 is super cheap, and $9 is crazy expensive.

        The very fact that I'm even interested means ZNGA must have something good going for it. I have a couple of good reasons I like this one, but I have to wait until ZNGA the stock starts to trade with the market.

        Buying here is a mistake, between $7-$8 could be just right. Or maybe $4 is the right price like you say, time will tell.

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