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  • lookslikesagoodopportunity lookslikesagoodopportunity May 10, 2012 11:04 PM Flag


    As we near the Facebook IPO, Zynga will be in most discussions about the valuation of Facebook. Expect a major uptick in Zynga's valuation as Facebook hysteria reaches sky high! Znga is trading as if Facebook is valued at $25 billion.

    Any talk of Facebook reaching $150 billion valuation will force Znga upward in the vicinity of $45/share with short covering!

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    • I love your post man! i am upgrading my expectations NOW!~
      See I will furnish logic, prudence and sound reasoning, but I will NOT provide all links. pls peruse my earlier posts and some other posts of some smart members who are rooting fr ZNGA
      here are the reasons:
      Some investors here have failed to GAUGE how big of an issue FB is ( pun intended!)
      Monday onwards will be FB madness for a good month or so. ZNGA at peak will hit about 20-25 IF FB is a big success. To understand the FB hysteria call YOUR broker NOW and you will hear from the horse's mouth EVERY man wants to sink their beaks in Zuckerberg's soup!
      once the Facebook madness sets in what will happen to ZNGA?????
      as it is WITHOUT FACEBOOK, ZNGA IS BRILLIANT BUSINESS -- says Goldman Scahs, says TREFIS, SAYS CITI, SAYS FC, the list goes on and on and on. are these people fools to give it target price of 14 17 12 etc???????
      now comes the ICING ON ZNGA' CAKE-- the MEGA FACEBOOK IPO! its is that CATALYST which will catapult ZNGA TO DIZZYING heights.
      where are 7s 8s 9 s 10s, people will ask .. the talk will then be about ZNGA in 20s in 7 -30 days from now--should hit 12 - 14 on thursday next( or Friday).. then up it goes like a magnificent bird. shorts I love you guys. coz its because of your @sses that i get cheapies like ZNGA at this price hahahahahahha. But beware boys you will get roasted in this... watch out!
      YELP with LOSSWES for an income rules at $ 20+ .. the madness of social networks and companies like FB and ZNGA will only intensify in the future. this is NOW a difefferenbt era than 1980s or 1990s. Change is must change is profitable ( even perspective and paradigm change is sometimes exceedingly important) SOCIAL NETWORKING IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY!
      I hate them BUT LOVE their stock hahahahahahhahahahhahahahhah

    • $45 is a pie in the sky. Let's be reasonable, will you. If ZNGA islucky, it may go to $12-15. I would be happy just for ZNGA to make it to $9-10

    • when fb opens at $50 then go to $60, this market's greed will return. the risk trades will be back then zinga will do just fine. i know for sure fb ipo will do well since my broker said he can't promise order will be filled as there are too many.

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