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  • liveup40 liveup40 May 11, 2012 6:04 PM Flag

    Yahoo stats say 25% of float is short

    thats a big #.... Much more important than options or anything anyone says on CNBC

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    • When what word starts spreading?

      Can we get off the fb coattails for a minute, we already rode that wave 60 days ago. What we found out then, we still know now, nothing has changed.

      So what other stuff is out there? I saw a new game that they are coming out with, that might get this stock moving once it is released, but what else?

    • On the contrary, I own a sizable pct of a long term investment portfolio that needs to be protected... I would never lobby to put this stock in that portfolio... that said, I like to procrastinate by spending money I can afford to lose, with hi beta stocks that might have some potential to one day be in my other portfolio...

    • brainwashed? Far from it. I'm an investor, which I don't think you are. I analyze things, which I don't think you do. I look for fundamentals to guide my decisions, where as others latch on to hype.

      Do you have anything to add other than hype? If you do my apologies.

    • Dude, stop pretending like you own this stock... if you do, my apologies but you sound like you're brainwashed... life does not have rules... look at the scenario you're in right now and play it the best you can...

    • Moreover, if all we can count in is hype to move this stock, then that should tell everone about the stock and it's future.

    • No doubt it's not a big event for anyone looking to buy fb, I agree with you. It, however, is not a big event to zynga shareholders, that news already came and went. When the numbers come out for Q2 I think we will get a sense of direction and have a bottom established. It would be naive to think that today we created a new 52 week low and miraculously starting on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday this stock boomerangs up because suddenly every one realizes fb ipo is in a few days. There is something fundamentally wrong here and I'm trying to figure out what it is.

    • I do.

      Growing up in the city, I used to watch 3 card monty in time square... you and neil kind of remind me of that.

    • It's not a literal catalyst until it's realized - the idea of the potential catalyst(biggest hyped ipo in the history of the universe) is what is meaningful here... the perception is that there will be a flood of buyers looking to participate... obviously that perception is warrented as there seem to be many folks such as myself who hopped into town a couple weeks early to get a sense of the environment... it's not that hard to figure out Neil... it's a big event...

    • Yeah. . . I'm not in right now, long or short.

      One thing to think about though is more active traders tend to think everyone acts and thinks like they do.

      They don't.

      When word really starts spreading and names start getting dropped, I bet you'll see a pop.

      Options traders are betting on it at any rate.

    • Actually the company is doing good, just what they said they'd do...... the stocks in a different world and you don't' want to be there.....

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