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  • dlam982000 dlam982000 Jul 27, 2012 12:42 PM Flag

    ZnGA should be running up like FB!!! Darn

    Facebook running up pretty good!! I'm was tempted to to join in the fun..but a little late now. 2.00 is pretty good not dominated like Znga right now right kinda suck...we should be running to 3.50 at least by now but it been held down really good by big boys with a load of cash to burn...after making their killing. Money makes money as the saying goes!!

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    • It took me a while to understand the SHORTS and after taking a pretty big loss I finally figure it out. NOBODY wants to invest good money in this company. That is the fact. The stock will end under a buck, no doubt about it. Just take the loss and move on and stop beleving the pumper that are waiting for a miracle. The company is bleeding cash, insiders continue to dump the stock (next in AUG), employess are highly dissastified due to the stock's performance. The only individuals that have gain from this stock were the original investors, Morgan Stanley and the dirt bag PINCUS.
      All these guys that continue to say they buy at these levels are full of it. FB users actually increased while ZNGA lost users. This will be a peeny stock in no time.

    • "we should be running to 3.50 at least by now but it been held down really good by big boys with a load of cash to burn"

      These rationalizations about MMs and big boys are really lame and tired.

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      • I understand..but maybe you can get me a better explanation. Don't tell me trader and retailer...was able to push 99 millions shares and move the price move between 3 to 3.20. While these guys are able to bring down the house from 5 to 3 in matter of minutes wit less than 1 million shares. That just highway robbery!!! Znga didn't help with the idiotic guidance they provided but still doesn't justify the drop. All the media jump on board to kick Znga will it's down meanwhile they having a feast buying up Znga.

        Really like to hear you take on it!!

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