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  • theshark718 theshark718 Aug 3, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    Truth about Zynga

    My take on the EA lawsuit:

    EA's lawsuit does not hold any weight in my opinion. I played The Ville and Sims Social for the sole purpose of seeing if The Ville was a rip-off and in my honest opinion, it is not. The Ville is a much easier game to play and although the screen layout is similar, the game play and functions are not. If EA is arguing that the layout is similar then what's next? Once a developer creates a Football games on Facebook that no other developer can create a Football game on Facebook? I mean they will both be on a green field and the yard markers will all be the same. Heck, they will even have the same teams and goals! EA nice try here but the truth is Zynga is the bully now and you are that washed up old guy that is still hanging out in the schoolyard with the young kids even though he is in his 50s-60s. Face it EA, your run on top is fading rapidly and you are trying just about anything to keep the ship afloat.

    Looks like an act of desperation to me now that The Ville's numbers are taking an absolute dump on The Sims Social. If you are the "leader" in the industry and your game is the best then the players would be playing it instead of The Ville and that's the bottom-line. In the end, just some fresh meat in Zinga's bowl!

    Once again, all in my own personal opinion. Have a great day everyone!

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