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  • fooledbyrandomness4 fooledbyrandomness4 Oct 2, 2012 9:53 AM Flag

    Zynga Games: Where Is It Going?

    This comment is not mine but a seeking alpha user mersaul4, this negative comment will add to the discussion.
    I cannot post the link in yahoo but just search mersaul4 in seekingalpha and you will be able to lookup the link-

    Zynga Games: Where Is It Going? [View article]
    You are right, people think the company's going down the drain. But who can blame them.

    ZNGA got back big, because it was one of the first companies to successfully push games on FB. The future is less rosy, however. There are way too many people out there who will offer better quality and more creativity when it comes to games. ZNGA will be destroyed by the competition and will not be around in five years time. The stock is going to zero. The combination of limited barriers to entry and ZNGA lacking competitive advantage -- as testified by their primitive, copy-cat games --, will seal their fate.

    Their effort to get into gambling is pathetic at best. "I have a bakery, I suck at baking, I'm losing money, so I put up a roulette table in my bakery." Strategic genius.
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    • Wow this guy was right on the money.

    • So basically what this guy is saying is that znga has the 1st mover advantage.

      Also znga users are fickle and will migrate to other games eventually.

      I also agree with him gambling issue, it is just unecessary distraction.

      One thing I believe he does not take into account is znga has 1b in cash and they could buy many smaller game companies for that cash be in publishing business.

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      • par5198 Oct 2, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

        For what it's worth ---- I play a few of the Zynga games. They used to be a nice pass time. Lately though, the games have become very fouled with massive glitches. This coupled with having to go through FB to even play the game, which lately has become very corrupted, resulting in very slow load times. Personal experience is telling me lots of players are fleeing from Zynga just out of frustration from using their product, including myself. Unless these issues are corrected soon, I'm afraid I will have to agree, Zynga will soon become a faded memory.

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