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  • chl7s chl7s Nov 13, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    what a shame odonnellm a book writer that never made it.

    I agree with scully, blah, blah, blah.. give it up odonnellm, stop and think on where u are at.. your in a message room, understand? this is not the place where you try and write your cr ap to full fill your desire to become some kind of book writer. again your in a message room! what's wrong with you? are you so far down in the dumps that you have to scoop to this level to write in order to get your rocks off? just take a time out odonnellm, stop and think about what the h3ll are you doing and where in the h3ll your doing it in? a message room! think about it!
    odonnellm i can give you so much credit on the blah, blah, blah that you have written and i can tell that after you write whatever you are writting about that you sit back and amire and even pat yourself on your back before you hit the post key button, but this is not the place to write about your works of art.
    it's for sure in some shape or form you do have a talent in writing, but your in the wrong place in trying to convince people in believing that you do and again maybe your not trying to convince anyone, maybe like i said before your just trying getting your rocks off.
    you should take all that energy and go to the right place with your writtings, not a message room. so whatever your trying to accomplish, convincing people or rocks off you should be writting where it's designed for people like you and not in some message room, maybe your own blog.
    even if you might be a dry up hasbeen thats old and grey, that had never become the writter with the fame and fortune that you had like to accomplish., you still have something of the art, its just not in here. its a waste of your time and ours to read your blah, blah, blah in a MESSAGE ROOM!
    go somewhere that will help you to expand on your talent and i do wish you all the luck in accomplishing your dreams.

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    • Well, as Elvis said, "Thank you very much." In truth, I am no writer, and never attempted to do so. I am a reader. I was a teacher of writing at one time. Writing is very hard work, and even the very best have limited prospects, so why bother with a nuance on a theme already much better done. There are those forced to create of necessity, as it is in their genes, a mental obsession of sorts. I want the easier softer way, so I am not such a person, though I have a deep respect for the former. It is even very hard work to produce a crap novel. No, it is my station in life to rest content on my per word fee for the short syndicate. I have enjoyed observing the death spiral of the bull dog, today's little bounce notwithstanding. I did learn one thing from Mark Pinus: Why bother to work for a living when you can easy profit from the naivete of the sheep. I mean work and holding a regular job is for other people. I just make good use of other people's money and foolery.
      You are correct on one point. There is much pride and ego at work, and these deadly sins can take a man down many notches. I know this from direct experience. Still, we all seek validation in one form or another. I cannot get it from that mundane substance--money. Alcohol will work for about 15 minutes, and then there is that wide chasm to look over. Actually, I haven't had a drink in 15 days. It's simply amazing. Funny how the devil still wants to whisper in my ear, and that unfortunately is a lifetime dilemma.

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      • typo--easy to easily. I do it all the time.
        Did you know F. Scott Fitzgerald, a chronic alcoholic, could not spell and his grammar was horrendous? Thank God for editors. Still, The Great Gatsby is one of the finest books in American English. Fitzgerald could have been much more if he didn't have the shakes so bad. He makes mincemeat out of that supreme ego maniac, Ernest Hemingway, who was curiously, yet another alcoholic.

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    • chl7 foolish logic- I have been on message boards for 15 years and Odonnell ROCKS!

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