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  • cabinetadvisorysvcs cabinetadvisorysvcs Nov 29, 2012 3:29 AM Flag

    I Am 100% Opposed To On-Line Gambling...,

    And any/every business model that needs this kind of revenue stream is a diseased business model. After you destroy your population with gambling, Mr. Pincus, will you then start an on-line pharmaceutal heroin shipping/distribution platform?

    How about this, all you gambling addicts: Walk your fat, lazy, sleazy flabarse down to the corner store and pop a bud. Then you can waddle into the neon-chrome flashy glitzo noise and stare mindlessly at the spinning reels for an hour or two. Then you can drag your useless, lazy, slovenly life-form back to your stench-laden hovel and wait for your next welfare check.

    But you have to AT LEAST heave your worthless slob-butte OFF of the rotting sofa, OUT the graffiti-stenciled door, and DOWN the street of crumbling pavement and shuttered stores to waste your welfare check and my tax dollars.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Good for you. Then don't participate in it. I don't gamble much, but it doesn't bother me if I am able to make some money by investing in this stock.

    • Your objection is noted. Let's all petition the Anti-Christ and see if we can get him to refocus the company 100% on helping the population grow digital strawberries. That is a very healthy pursuit, and I am sure the rest of my fellow shareholders will appreciate it.

      So I guess you manage to get your skinny hiney everywhere you need to go on a bicycle so as to avoid the satanic fossil-fuel industry. Good for you hero. I think we need to start talking about Martial Law. And no soup for you, vile carnivore!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I surrender! Jack up the volume! Full tilt boogie! Let's see if we can achieve TOTAL destruction of the species.

    • nice so find another board

    • Don't make fun of my lifestyle.

    • So all those casinos, resorts, and cities for that matter, were built with welfare checks. Yeah, that makes sense. Not advocating gambling, just pointing out a fallacy in your argument.

    • The "on-line" gambling model has PROVEN to be non-sustainable! The off-shore operations found that the betting pool dries up when people with limited resources finally realize they CANNOT win! The pool dries up; the players leave. Its a none-too-gentle downhill slope! Furthermore, you maroons are touting a stock at the current pps which WILL NOT see an improvement in the balance sheets for at least 2 quarters AFTER the initiation of the program.

      YOU are gambling on this flea-bitten pig-dog; YOU are already gambling; YOU are LOSERS. The none-too-gentle downhill slope of the revenue stream from "on-line gaming" is a mirror of the downhill slope of the share price.

      Personally, I think you would all benefit from 6 months of picking strawberries; it might clear the tangled webs from your barely-functioning brains!

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      • The whole stock market is gambling, some bets are just less volatile than others. You probably hear people mutter things like 'what a pompous donkey' when they walk away from you at social gatherings.

      • Excluding the US and focusing on the four major product segments of sports betting, poker, casino and bingo, H2GC, a leading independent consultancy estimates that online Gross Gaming Yield (‘GGY’) in 2010 was $21.4 billion, up 12.0% on the previous year. The consultancy also estimates that each of the four major online segments will continue to grow, reaching approximately $30.5 billion by 2015, implying a compound annual growth rate of approximately 7.3%.

        Now, there were some that considered ZNGA a decent investment when it was trading at $10+ and getting paid in FB credits from people who loved to grow strawberries on Farmville. At that point, I thought it was a joke ... and did not consider investing in it. Now that ZNGA is going to get real money from games and a lifestyle that has been around for centuries ... well, now I'm building a position. It's like a person who saw motorola in the 1980's developing the cell phone and said,
        "nah, it will never catch on ... besides who wants to always be tied to a phone" ... everyone eventually embraced it ... well, eventually everyone will be able to bet on a game, buy a lottery ticket, play an hand, or pull a slot on a mobile device ... do you want to deny that and be late to the party ... or, buy now at a price barely above cash and go for what is sure to be a wild ride

    • The state of California lost all credibility as a functioning and viable institution at precisely the moment they entered the gambling business in a desperate attempt to raise revenue. It has been a downward slippery slope ever since, and if you take pension liabilities into account, the state is fundamentally bankrupt. There's really no difference between the state sanctioning the lottery and running a string of brothels. Of course, the odds are better with the latter.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • CA doesn't need brothels, they have traffic tickets, quote from an LAO report:

        "As part of the January 2010 special session related to the STATE'S BUDGET SHORTFALL, the administration proposes a new strategy TO GENERATE ADDITIONAL STATE REVENUES... from penalties imposed on drivers who are caught speeding through the use of automated speed enforcement (ASE) systems."

        "The administration estimates... additional REVENUE of $398 MILLION in 2010-11 and $477 MILLION upon full implementation in future years."

        There is no pretense about it anymore, the $3.5 Billion revenue already garnered from minor traffic violations just isn't enough.

        Yes, it is highway robbery.

        yapoo doesn't like links (they deleted this post last time) so search for The 2010-11 Budget: Automated Speed Enforcement Merits Authorization

    • You are right,Zynga and Znyga only is corrupting everybody.I am pretty sure there are alot bigger gambling sites out there then Znyga.They are into other things as well.So do you make a point into going to all the gambling stocks msg boards and post.Or do you actually own Zynga stock.My bet is you own the stock...Wouldnt you say the stock market is a gamble as well ????

    • BFD, you are opposed to gambling. You seem to have an addictive personality and probably cant stop gambling, eating, drinking, etc most people can and would use online gambling like anything else for enjoyment. The lottery just got up to 600 million, you think everyone that played is suddenly sinking their paycheck into it now that they may have played it the first time? or unlike you they can control themselves?

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