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  • john_thomas_hunter john_thomas_hunter Dec 1, 2012 3:36 AM Flag

    Something terribly wrong:

    Still, znga minus fb = 80% loss of current cash flow. And "jim-jack-and-us", the primary poster and the first response were the issues, not why the shake up. For the "investor", any FUTURE revenue from current business ventures (whatever they may be) won't show up on the bottom line for possibly TWO quarters. Therefore, any one buying your stock is, in fact, ALREADY participating in on-line gambling!!!

    So, any and ALL price movement of the stock for the next 2 quarters is nothing more than index funds, hedge funds, and options players GAMBLING on daily price fluctuations.

    So, bullcoach_1, to answer your question - you can't trust ANYONE in the casino called wall street! And it is distressing how delusional the "individual" "investor" is; one could easily conclude that you have not found the exit from your last visit to Disneyland!

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    • Mr. Hunter, I am not accustomed to reading complete sentences on the board, so your missive is a breath of fresh air. As you aptly point out, ZNGA online gambling is already here, because you won't find a single "investor" throwing money at this scrap heap. It amazes me to no end that individuals will continue to gamble, with virtually no proper risk assessment, on the flea infested bull dog, despite the billions already evaporated over what is essentially a scam. I have no problem with gambling per se, but any reasonable patron of the grand casino first makes a rough calculation of the odds. From my view, probability dictates that a further decline is in store for ZNGA, particularly next year when we likely must sail through a major gale. I do not discount the possibility of a perfect storm, and companies with no utility in their product line, will be devastated. This will also include Uncle Farcebook, even in light of the messy divorce. There is no honor among thieves even among the same tribe, and it would have been fascinating to have overheard the recent contentious conversations between Boy Pinus and the master wild game hunter, Zuckie. I say a pox on both their houses.

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