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  • bjkamin bjkamin Dec 4, 2012 5:42 PM Flag

    HOW COME.....

    so much bashing and animosity ....this is a 2.25 stock ..certainly not the kind one would want to short at this why the hatred? i can only assume there are a lot of older longs here, who have lost money, or are losing money, and don't want to see newbies come in and get rewarded, after their turmoil....i can appreciate that... i've been in that place before....but, maybe now is a new chance to get even...start over, and join the new guys and lets all make money. glta.

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    • Nubile flesh (newbie) will be fodder for the squealing pigs (running to the exits) and that intelligent group which seldom receives due credit on this board of mad cheer leaders--the shorts of course. It seemed pointless to short this garbage stock at $3- a few months back, but anyone who did so is sitting on a nice return. By the same token, a short at today's price certainly makes sense when ZNGA trades at $1.75 or lower in 2013. Why mess a long position in this rubbish when you can just make slow steady money in physical silver. Fool me once. Fool me twice. Some can be fooled three times and still not strike out. It never fails to amaze me, and we are talking about a company which is corrupt at its very core. For the record, I am a very patient short who borrowed the shares months ago at $14.19. This is a company easy to dislike for a litany of reasons. There's not enough space to go into all of them.

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    • I am a new guy ($2.27) and as happy as can be having not invested like these creepy longs at 10 11 12 13 14 15.7 6 7 5 4.

      3 is ok.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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