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  • hats2wt hats2wt Dec 9, 2012 8:34 AM Flag


    Story's and info on ALFA and FOOL. Truth/ we loss a boat load of funds on this POS company or will when we sell at end of the year. Truth/ when did ALL the HELP know that this was going to be a POS stock and not one ever said a word, until, they got their stock options sold. Now they all walk away to another new job. Well just had to vent a minute.

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    • I wasn't long this crooked road, but I do understand your sentiment. The current euphoria surrounding the fraud known as ZNGA absolutely amazes me. Fool me once. Fool me twice. Now it's three times (or more), and they still line up for insertion. I must have made the wrong career decision. Why bother to work for a living? I simply need to hype some notion with no real product, issue an ipo, cash out with a scam secondary offering, and buy a Pacific Heights mansion. I don't even have to use a gun carrying out my crime. The ultimate day of reckoning for this crap comes in 2013 when a string of bad earnings, I mean no earnings, finally wakes up the gamblers. A pox on this house of ill repute!!!

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