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  • medom3473 medom3473 Dec 20, 2012 9:48 PM Flag

    ZNGA in 2013

    This stock WILL SOAR one way or another. Being the most embarrissing stock and 2nd most embarrissing IPO of 2012 there are MANY senarios yet to play out:

    1) Potential sale or merger to any of the major palyers that are looking for game or gamblin apps and millions of users.

    2) Pincus takes company private which would be for NO LESS THAN half the IPO price to aviod SEC and other issues.

    3) Pincus doesn't do 1 or 2 by mid to early 2013 he will be pressurred to hire a true CEO to manage the day to day while he focuses on visionary stuff.

    4) ZNGA will continue to increase buyback of shares or offer a special dividend in 2013 if stock remains this low which won't be an issue with the cash flow increasing and the stock pile of cash on hand.

    5) GAMBLING will begin in the UK and will add value to the bottom line. Even if they receive only a fraction of the royalties it will make $$$$$$ ****USA GAMBLING would increase this 10 fold.

    6) MOBILE games and apps will continue to explode in 2013 and will add additional revenue to the bottom line along with all the mid core games being sold and currently under development

    7) ***NO MORE BIG BROTHER FACEBOOK which allows ZNGA to strike deals with ANY and ALL throughout the world as they please.

    ****I am an EXTREMELY HAPPY shareholder at 2 and a half bucks and will continue to ACCUMULATE like the BIG DOGS until THIS DOG HAS IT DAY!!

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    • Todays new of Zynga’s vice president of business development, Jonathan Flesher, has left the company to join Betable, a gaming platform startup that provides back-end tools for game developers to implement real-money gambling online. Flesher will hold the same title in his new gig shows ZNGA is going to be bought out soon or patnership, WYNN, GOOG, LVS, APPL something is in the works!!!

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    • ZNGA upgrades coming this week, maybe today:-) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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    • Last chance for 2's On to the 3's next week:-)

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    • You should seek professional help, seriously. Those points you listed, are nothing more than wishful thinking on your part, they're not based in fact or reason. Do you honestly believe Pincus will take the company private after he rode the stock from $10 to $2? Special dividend in 2013, really? What are you smoking, they're barely breaking even! Gambling is a money losing proposition, it never worked in "gaming" and never will, look it up. Finally, do you have any evidence to back up your claim that mobile gaming, specifically Zynga online gaming "will explode" in 2013? Have they announced any mobile games, have they shown they can generate any meaningful profits from mobile games? I challenge you to come up with proof, go for it!

      Keep wishing this stock will go up, Pincus needs people like you, find out why people are abandoning ship, find out why their stock-based expenses keep soaring, and find out what the new Facebook agreement really means. A warning is coming, keep holding onto your shares, and keep dreaming of better prices in 2013...

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      • You bag holders from 10+ make me LMAO. The reasons I state above plus MANY more will reap years of benefits to those accumulating now. They already stated EOY earnings forecast is on target which all the hedges know is FALSE because they will BEAT on earnings (mark this post) and there are MANY positive PRs yet to hit. I feel sorry for you at buying this @ the insane IPO price and will laugh all the way to the bank in 2013 when all of us double or triple our $$ from this share price. I will continue to enjoy your negative post along with the many others

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      • Excellent analysis Sandy. It is quite rare among the gamblers on the board here, and I couldn't agree with you more. Such a breath of fresh air. The great irony is that 98% of all the people who threw money at this scam have been wiped out while Pinus has just purchased a beach front home in Bolinas (with your dough), and there still remain fervent believers. Absolutely incredible!!!
        A fool is easily parted with his money.

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    • Tomorrow 12/16/2012 will be one year ZNGA IPO. leave the bad year behind.

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