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  • nwsunor nwsunor Dec 28, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    what the heck fiscal cliff have to do with the market? The media drives investors to sell off so their boss can buy stock cheap!

    There is no reason to believe there will be a serious market decline in 2013... if anything, the opposite.. The FED is in place to ensure the market doesn't drop like it did in late 2008 and 2009... back then, the FED didn't care what happened to the economy.. the big shots on WS made their money and the repubs were leaving office and a big mess for the dems, deliberately I might add... I know many of you doomsdayers want the country and this administration to fail, but I say its not going to happen.. WS is making too much money off the FED's policies and they like it that way..

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    • For the sake of my own 18 year old son, I most certainly do not want to see this country fail. If I can ignore Obama's economic policies, and I do grasp what he inherited and his most difficult position, I actually like the guy. He at least stood up to Netanyahu, while Romney was oh so willing to genuflect in Tel Aviv.
      The problem is that there are inherent limits to stimulus, and we have now arrived at that point. I say the markets are in big trouble. You disagree. Let's check the numbers in late March of 2013. True, the power of the Fed can run much longer than anyone could anticipate in their wildest dreams, but with nearly four years of massive money printing, I believe the end of this shell game is near.
      Even under the best of macro circumstances, ZNGA is in trouble.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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