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  • socialboom30 socialboom30 Feb 2, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    Bull Case for ZNGA

    Let me start by saying I could care less about this company and the future of virtual goods.

    Ya know what matters in this real world? Money, and that's why I'm in ZNGA at this level.

    The fact is the company has $1.70 in cash per share. The company also has real estate holdings the crown jewel of which is the corporate headquarters in SF. Now let's look at the titles and what they would bring in a fire sale. All the ville's plus draw something, and I don't care what they paid for it because I was not a shareholder then. As far as I'm concerned it's just an asset that could be sold. Add in all the other games the source code the desks, computers, phones and the pictures on the walls and guess what?

    I'll bet you have $2.66 pet share. Yeah yeah yeah I know book value is lower. I don't care. When I add it all up I see the book value higher than its current spot and I don't believe I'm doing them any favors.

    Mgt departures? Good. This company does not need 2500 employees. I'd say they need to reduce more. Cut another 700 people.

    Top leaders leaving? Hahahah. Anybody can replace them. This is a business of taking the creative talent of 20 something's and pairing it with the manipulation of 30 something's. Hard truth.

    Mark Pincus, basically a thief. Took the banks, employees and shareholders for a ride. Genius. Evil Genius. But in my view the Harvard training now works for me because at the current level there is nothing left to steal and now the street knows it. In order for the greedy to get more they must now join forces to raise the PPS. Oh did you happen to notice SR. Leadership has been invited by and accepted an opportunity to present via Goldman? This is so easy.

    So it might be a bit jaded but it's going up.

    Now my last thought is on content. Basically I hear analyst say its a hit business like movie studios. Well that's true I guess. Big hits equal more revenue. But this company has enough content running now and can remarked that same content over and over thru new distribution. The Nokia phone deal is a great example. There is also a tv deal, and you can be sure it won't stop there. Analysts say its not as big as FB. Who gives a rats @@@. Because today, and that's what I care about its money on top of FB not in place of FB.

    Gambling? Yes it will work. Bwin is not a joke. And it wil add money.

    Now if you want money buy the stock. Don't sell it before you have 6.

    Good luck

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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