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  • atunis5804 atunis5804 Feb 11, 2013 9:55 PM Flag

    Here's a Tip for y'all re: the Goldman conference

    Don't get all lathered up that the Goldman Conference will push this into the stratosphere - it won't, and here's why: 1)The webcast/presentation starts tomorrow at 4PM EST -right after the market close. Everyone who thinks it's gonna go up as a result of news coming out of the conference will own the stock by 4PM, if they don't already own it 2)Nothing is going to come out of the conference - it's going to be a rehash of last week's earnings conference call (something might come out -but that's VERY remote). What 'new' news would there be to report from 6 days ago? 3) traders will be out of the stock by 4PM tomorrow, because they realize what I have just stated, and they will buy it back at a lower price on Wednesday or Thursday, when it falls after nothing new comes out of the conference 4) the stock is well overdue for a sell-off anyway, and the lack of news from the conference may be the catalyst for dumping it on Wednesday and/orThursday, 5) Any impact coming out of the conference will be in the hands of Goldman, the analyst of which may wait for the stock to drift lower before puting out his report, or may wait for a week or two to issue his 'buy' rec. The 'buy' rec is coming, but not tomorrow and not likely this week because of the run up in the stock price. The job of the analyst is to make money for clients, and to issue a buy rec when the price is attractive - so he will wait - at least that's my opinion, based upon years of experience.

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