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  • todler88 Feb 12, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    Well great job of driving it to the PINKSHEETS!!!

    The same way they always do...when they trade below a buck..and buddy show me that billion....that wont stop the de listing...they can buy the #$%$ out of it...wont money here. Its over.

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    • I do like your style todler88, and you reminded me why I never wanted to be a frat boy back in the day. What, join a club that wanted me as a member? They would have to be more half baked than me. The thing is these daddyboys are already set more or less for life. True, Pinus has been given the boot from the Billionaire Boys Club, but that's just a scuff mark on his unbridled ego. I know he shed a few tears over it, but I want true divine justice, and I am naive enough to still believe in such things. It ain't going to be good enough when he becomes persona non grata on the high tech cocktail circuit in the Bay Area.
      The only thing which will satiate my complete and utter abhorrence of this sham outfit is when it hits the skids, meaning Pinus turns pink. No online gambling revenue for years out? I say never. Meanwhile, these asinine games will not keep the ship afloat. No one even mentions pending litigation. This stock is in big trouble when the major averages come under pressure. It will be flotsam drifting out the Golden Gate, a distant memory of quick bucks and human folly.

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      • todler88 Feb 12, 2013 11:39 PM Flag

        Thanks This dog sees $2.30 in the AM...I can...t imagine giving those clowns dollar one!! Cramer pumped it for GS..then late last night told the truth CRAMER :TheStreet Ratings rates Zynga Inc Class A as a sell. The company's weaknesses can be seen in multiple areas, such as its weak operating cash flow and generally disappointing historical performance in the stock itself. GS RIPS THE SHARES OUT TO $2.30 then the $3 puts...I am shocked at that press conference....My dog can apply for a gaming license in Nevada......They are just gonna steer people to BWIN..they dont have the security and software to be a casino ever...NEVER HAPPEN..EVER..So this is dead money unless you like toiling away at a Starbucks (their boardroom) and playing mindless games claiming to have a billion dollars..HO is a heard it here..Hey HO SHOW ME THE MONEY...See ya in the pink sheets..they are into gadgetry not dollars..DEAD MONEY..Thanks for the kind words..keepin it real...These frat boys hurt a lot of people...

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      • todler88 Feb 12, 2013 11:51 PM Flag

        THX they cut my message...This is dead money my friend..I have seen this #$%$ in the 90's waaaaay to many times..classic pump and dump..only thing is they hurt a lot of people...and need to be corrected by selling them to the pinks...make them pawn their gold....thyis pig sees $2.30..then GS covers...:) Thx T

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    • G_F_Y

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