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  • nyhartigan nyhartigan Feb 13, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

    Texas Holdem

    Zynga makes 22.1 percent from free texas holdem right now, how much money do u think there going to make with real money in UK this year

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    • Not yet! Let them prove it first! Stock went up before they launched the online gambling! Be patient! Zynga is up for the year but the price jump has to match earnings!

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      • Would you like to translate that for the English speaking minority here? I really do not understand what you are saying. "The price jump has to match earnings!".

        And as for your other posts, such as "Listen to Cramer..." and "never buy premarket or after market hedge funds manipulate that". Seriously, you need to change your handle. If you are an investor pro, I am the fkucing Pope. Why don't you try reading a book or two before you call yourself a pro?

        Jesus, Joseph and Mary, is this a stock message board or have I fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in Wonderland? Don't get me wrong, I think the cast of characters is fantastic, you with your Jabberwocky and "Sling Blade" Todler mangling the mother tongue in a Herculean effort to sway slow people to your disjointed views. Much better than Storage Wars reruns, but the commitment you people bring to these inane remarks is stupefying. I can't believe that YOU believe what you are saying. You too Todler.
        Ok, you probably won't read a book. So remind me once a day to impart a nugget of wisdom to you, just because we're buddies. Today's nugget: The retail market from 9:30 to 4:00pm EST is manipulated from the first second, to the last. Pre- and post-market trading is a but a small sideshow, nothing more than mop up time. When you can trade, during regular market hours, the real manipulation is underway and is unrelenting. Men and women get up very early to sharpen their claws and their teeth, filing and stropping to get the edges just so, and prepare to destroy your wealth for their own gain, each and every trading day, all day. Most are well trained, well informed, well managed, are backed with seemingly boundless resources and information, much of it obtained criminally, and are prepared to gut you like a fish as soon as they become aware that you are alive and have money to lose. You are not important enough for them to even laugh at once they have cleaned you out. Hedge funds are the least of your worries. It's the mainstream brokerages and the market makers and the A-list analysts and the high-velocity traders and.... well, the list is really long. Worse? the game is constantly evolving. Frankly, the companies traded really don't matter anymore. Fundamentals really don't matter anymore. fundamentals are only useful for in that they are a soft language that players use to communicate with all of the fish in the barrels. Only technical mechanics and momentum and influence matter. Fundamentals are used for both offense and defense when dealing with retail customers, in depositions on the wrong end of lawsuits, etc. Traders, very large traders move huge volumes of trade in stocks they know virtually nothing about. The do not need to know anything about the companies they trade. All they need is enough information to convince them that there is a high probability than an issue will move, and which direction. That information comes from many places, charts, proprietary algorithms, a shrouded statement from an insider, a raised eyebrow, a "source" at competitor's trading desk, instinct and experience.

        Nobody, but nobody, will ever make any money listening to you or toddler (or me) babbling on a message board.

        I come here for the entertainment and to blow off steam.

        You can pick the topic of tomorrow's dissertation.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • So do u think their sites where it says poker coming soon and casino coming soon in UK is a lie and their partnership

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