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  • jiggles254 jiggles254 Mar 11, 2013 10:50 PM Flag

    Need advice on picking up some shares...

    So I plan on picking up 500 more shares here in the near future.. Wondering what yal think is a good buy point now that this popped nearly $.40 today. Think there will be a pullback later this week or it'll find a new bottom around where its at now?

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    • point-taken Mar 13, 2013 6:11 PM Flag

      So jiggles, lost track. Did you buy or not? I made that comment of ZNGA dropping to $3.60 the other day. Sure is scary when I'm right. But I also say it's going to $5. So, go figure. Plan to collect a few more tomorrow if the price is right.

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    • i_am_bullish_on_the_bulldog Mar 12, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

      You can't go wrong following this: Buy Low; Sell High

    • I started position at 3.75 and will buy more at either 3.25 or 4.25.
      I should see at double by eoy with no take out. With takeout?

    • Dip your toes for opening position but leave some powder (40%) for anything under 3.85 until you see $4.25, at least that is what I think I would do. Don't get frustrated and be patient. Been on this ride for over 6 weeks now with 20,000 shares accumulated. My biggest hope on buy out speculation is that it continues and they don't get acquired as I want to let this to ride to $10 or above, I can wait. Never seen something quite like this as potential is a triple to $10 within 6 months . Global outreach this summer is when this thing starts the 2nd stage rockets as they bring this online in Europe with testing phase. Still many fund managers with money to invest, particularly when it hits $5 near term so I expect more days near term like last several trading days.....

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    • After a pop of 10% in one day it is reasonable to try to wait for a pullback. However, if you like the stock at these prices, you can buy now and remember that you can always average down if the price drops significantly for an extended period of time (assuming you have the funds to do so). Also keep in mind that you only lose money when you sell. Timing the market is almost impossible and while it's reasonable to expect a pullback from here tomorrow, it could very well keep on going up and not look back for a while. You just need to figure out how much the company is worth to you, buy at that level, and then stick with it even if the price drops immediately because I agree with others in this thread that we'll see much higher prices in the future. Don't mind those thumbs downs you got; that's just BS. I also respect when people reveal how many shares they're looking to buy whether few or many. Good luck, jiggles, and everyone else.

    • my advice, set a price target.
      where do you think it'll go, where do you see yourself potentially cashing out on.
      think in percentages, and go from there.

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    • Wow there are some extremely overly sensitive investors on here... LMAO... 2 dislikes already? Just wanted some friendly advice on buying more shares. You know... buying and holding... One of the entities of investing that helps pps increase and maintain... Lol calm down people.

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