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  • point-taken Mar 15, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    ZNGA will be moving higher along with Glu

    What a day for Glu. Up nearly 15%. The same type of action will be coming to ZNGA, just be patient. It will happen. If you have the foresight to understand the impact of online gaming you will see a very nice profit. A few weeks ago ZNGA was the favorite child while Glu just sat there. Some haters saying it was only going down more. Today Glu is the favorite child. But the love will be spread equally between the two. Just be patient. By May or June, with more states joining, news of the games being successful, these two stocks will explode! Be patient. Don't listen to the slammers or the haters. Buy and hold. We're going to do just fine.

    And because I was being cheap, I had a limit order for ZNGA @ $3.54. I'm hoping I'll have another chance on Monday.

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    • Unless they both move in the same direction / and that is up I think most people are getting tired of ZNGA's performance, will remove money from ZNGA towards GLUU .......... Soon most people will be "stuck" on GLUU and ZNGA will be a has been.

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      • point-taken Mar 15, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

        ZNGA was hovering in the $2's while Glu laid flat like road kill. Then ZNGA started moving and the herd mentality started buying. ZNGA climbed above $3.60. But, Glu states they are live with online gaming in the UK. The herd drops ZNGA and runs to Glu. ZNGA falls and Glu is now crazy up.

        This is the new norm for both stocks. When ZNGA makes an announcement the herd returns. Remember, Glu did not move at all while ZNGA moved higher. Both stocks will take turns moving up and down. But both stocks will see, to be conservative, a 50% gain. Not a bad return. However, both stocks should move well above that. There is a good chance Glu will drop next week from profit taking. Doesn't matter. I hope to buy more ZNGA. I have enough Glu right now.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Gosh point-taken, I hope you're right. I took the money I was going to spend on FB and bought ZNGA. I know, you've been saying all along two steps forward and one back. (Looks kinda like a Big step back...) But you're right, I need to be patient. And I will be. Just feeling down.

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