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  • blueskydriving blueskydriving Apr 18, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    Goodbye forever Yahoo


    This clown Arbourdouche pushed me over the edge ... I don't know why I've been on these boards for decades ... playing these games ... Arbourdouche followed me to the BTU board ... what is he, a child ... Yahoo boards have been like heroin for me ... I think I may need a 12-step program to quit ... but, at the end of the day, these boards are just not healthy ... good luck to all the good guys ... this is my last post forever ... Arbourdouche, you win ... I'm done

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Humm. So much for leaving the board.

    • Incredible.

    • Another classic by mouth.

    • I'm totally with you. There is no place in the market for an honest investor picking stocks based on fact and logic. The Cramers and Yahoos want all the $$$ and are not very clever at covering their efforts to do so. They simply rub our noses in the dirt and expect us to take it!

    • Wow. that was short lived. Must have been the fortune w/o the cookie that has given you the strength to carry on the word of Zynga to your adoring flock.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • mashiach Apr 19, 2013 8:17 AM Flag

      As wall street will always do the same.. when we see this kind of react from investor such "blueskydriving" you should know that we reach the BOTTOM, and the Stock is ready to ROCK... It is ALWAYS THE SAME....ALWAYS..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • bluesky....come-on, its just a message board! arbourdouche is just THAT...a douche bag, but to not post any more? he #$%$ everyone off! and thats exactly what he wants.... i dont read any thing he posts any more, and suggest you do the same. reel-it back in and enjoy what some people that you know have to say or should i say (thoughts) may not agree with everything, but try to give an intellengent insight. forget this guy!!!! this board needs people like yourself who is really concerned in their investment and does their home work to share with others, hang around, its a very short time for this to all turn around, and then the smack talk will began from all the longs out there. as my old football coach would say : bow your neck big fellow!

    • Thank you for your effort, the information, researched that you shared and benefits the longs.....come back and just simply apply the ignore button.....

    • Bluesky...i can't take douchebags posts either but i do enjoy your posts, they are very informative and a pleasure to read! As for douchebag, he has no class or integrity and i can only imagine what type of individual he is...i hope he has no children because God knows what kind of values and ethics he teaches them.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • point-taken Apr 18, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

      blueskydriving, you are an intelligent person. You enlighten many with your facts and opinions. And, you have gathered useful information from others. I agree, Yahoo could do more with running these boards. Having a moderator with the ability to delete a poster instantly would go far. A poster I liked and was driven away was hollis. His only flaw was the dislike for spamming. (Some flaw...) It would be unfortunate if you, too, abandon these boards.

      As you may know, I am a big promoter of the ignore button. The problem with many who use ignore is that they take a look at what the ignored poster is saying, particularly when connected to their own post. Doing so defeats the purpose of using ignore. There are times when only 1/4 of my ZNGA board is not blocked. I simply read the posts not blocked, or go for a run with the dog. I never unblock a post, even if it is connected with my own post. Two reasons; I already know I will not like what I read. The second, perhaps more important, I become angry with myself for reading what I know will annoy or anger me.

      It takes discipline to ignore blocked posters. Once it becomes a habit you'll actually look forward to these boards. Take some time and think things over. Perhaps you will try once more. Again, there are "newbies" who need guidance and every opinion needs at least one more even when it's your own. We've got your back, blueskydriving. Stay on board.

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