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  • eurotyle eurotyle Apr 25, 2013 7:05 AM Flag

    Serious Question for Longs (like me), Cash, Cash per share

    Anyone go through their earnings report yesterday?

    How much cash does Znyga have after yesterday's quarter and with the current buyback amount (not sure if it was 2.5m shares or $2.5 million in shares), how much cash does Zynga have per share on it's balance sheets.

    Serious answers only please. Thanks.

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    • They have $1.67 Billion in cash ($2.10 per share) and they bought back one million shares during the first quarter (for $2.5 million)

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      • .95 for the rest of the company here fishy fishy.

      • Thank you blue, it's appreciated.

        I like Zynga here, but it's more of a wait and see story. Seeing that they are cash-loaded, no debt and do not have cash bleeding frenzies like many firms (tech companies, biotechs, ets), it looks like a good value play here for long-term gains 9-24/months down the road.

        How could anyone seriously complain about a $3 stock with $2.10 on the books in cash without debt? I cannot see anyone being short here to be honest as there's seriously no short money to be made. Can somewhere seriously risk this trading for cash value of $2.10 attempting to make a 90 cent gain while on the flip-side, a turnaround or buyout could send this 100% higher or more in the next 12-24/months.

        No logic in being short here. Holding and buying on dips here is the way to go.

        I drank the KoolAid and acquired about ten trades of Bank of America starting at $5.26 and ending around $9.00 from 12/2001 until 3/2012. All the shorts preached bankruptcy this, economy imploding that, etc. Me and my 33,000 total shares acquired during this time laughed them all the way to the bank when I sold the entire holding last month for a near 70% gain. Average selling price was about $12.10.

        I placed new bets in AudioCodes (AUDC),Lloyds (LYG), Rigel (RIGL) and Zynga (ZNGA).

        Rigel I just bought Tuesday and Zynga was added in the mid-3's.

        RIGL/ZNGA are cash-value plays near 52/week lows. Zynga having $2.10 on the books and RIGL, a biotech, also debt free having $3.42 on the books down from a 52/week high of near $15.

        I just can't see how true longs could lose in Zynga. I'm a patient guy, I'll wait 12-18 months for a 100% return. That kind of return sure beats any other revenue-generation metric available today.

        RMG is just a bonus for Zynga.

        Appreciate the response Blue. I also appreciate your frequent posts and contributions to this board.

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