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  • krazyguju4u krazyguju4u May 13, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    Amazon Coins good for Z?

    Amazon announced earlier today that they will introduce their own currency starting today for Kindle Fire customers(this is mainly a big deal for developers because it allows them to sell virtual goods with a easier payment processing, this seems like it could be a new platform for Z's games and a new way to reach a growing customer base.

    Does anyone happen to know what the conversion rate for amazon coin to zCoins will be?

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    • sounds like bitcoin which has come and gone like a fart in a windstorm.

    • Kindle Fire really? That's a joke...

      Waste of time... We need RMG launch on FB... We need Running with Friends on Android... Kindle Fire???


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      • Social,

        Perhaps you weren't aware, however Amazon Kindle is part of the Android universe.


        Sentiment: Hold

      • RMG on FB in the UK will be good, Running w/ Friends will be a mobile hit on iOS and Play.
        Z is doing things right so they dont have to do it twice, bc they may not get a second chance to it again.

        Adding Amazon's to a partner list has to help Z, not only can Amazon customers become Z's customers but Amazon can help bring Z advertising revenue (direct or indirect), See it playing Zynga's games Buy it using Amazon (and not Ebay/overstock/etc)! And besides Gaming revenues account for 40%+ of gross revenue of app purchases, if someone is going to dominate Amazon's social gaming market it should be Z. The brand loyalty that can be built then also be used for cross promotion for RMG in the US after its legalized, until then I want Z to stay aggressive and tactful in building a foundation that will support the skyscraper that RMG will build.

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