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  • mbr041076 mbr041076 May 30, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    If you could see.....

    farts, we just seen a big one!!! lol , did ya buy this one? same "O" same "O" till 7-22 and it better go up big time for all us longs out here with our but#%** hanging-out, or we wait till 2014,2015.... O, did anyone think obammmmmaaaa was with christy holding hands on the boardwalk talking about "SANDY" guess again, money follows money!!!! barrrraaakkk will know who exactly will get lic. first, then he runs to his trustee and says: I know a secret! but don't tell anyone i told you O.K! this is how this country runs its business, and us little guys suck hind titt, when this stock hits 5 bucks and more, watch the big money start flowing in and then we'll know good times are around the corner. does everybody know that our senators can do inside trading? our you aware of this perk they have, but they all say the same thing= my trustee handles all MY INVESTMENTS, but they never tell you that they tell their trustee all the info. lol what a joke to all us americanswho believe all their #$%$, follow the money grasshopper!!!!

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