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  • krazyguju4u krazyguju4u Jun 6, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    Shares today are a gift!

    Long or short todays PPS is a gift if your short get out and dont be greedy, if your long add or stay strong. IMO Z has way to many catalyst that are pending not to be scared, but more see to favor the upside from here.
    1) Nevada should be getting back to Z about a license soon,
    2) They could buy announce a buyout of something for alot cheaper than 180M and add more to revenues for the rest of the year,
    3) Z can have a buyout offer at anytime and have their own cash used to finance their buyout.
    4) FB can announce RMG w/ Z in the UK at anytime.
    5) They have $1.60/share in cash right now

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    • Gift of garbage.
      EPS: Negative (-0.16)
      Profit margin: Negative (-16.35)
      EBITDA: Very low 96.3
      Intrinsic Value of stock: Negative (-6.70) based upon earnings, debt and 17.5% future growth rate.
      Farmville is obsolete and no one is interested in playing ZINGA Poker.
      Soon Facebook will need their share of 30% on sales.
      Wait for a couple of months and this garbage will be available in truck loads for a buck.
      Use your head, SELL THE SH1T AND MOVE ON

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      • All of those values value do not reflect 2 things
        1) Any shares that get bought back result in Profits or losses being spilt by fewer shares.
        2) The values do not include an assumption of revenues from newly launched games including RMG in the UK and any other future launches this year. (That 17.5% growth rate isn't enough to account for new game launches that represent 29% of Marketcap for this company)

        EPS = Wrong, after adjustments, listen to the CC for why they adjusted lower.
        Profit Margin = Just changed with announcement of layoffs, that means better margins
        EBITDA = Positive instead of expected negative
        Intrinsic Value of stock = Doesn't take into account the likelyhood of a Federal Online Poker Bill getting passed.

        FB = Z has already made moves to separate their dependence on FB and to their own platform. Making FB a paid lead list of potential paying Z customers at higher margins,

        I have time to wait thats why i'm long but I don't think its realistic pay nothing above cash for a company that has something that makes money today and has the ability to make expectantly more later.

    • I been watching this stock for a little while. I will buy a little of this as my speculative stock pick soon, want to see what the whole market does in the next few days before pulling the trigger.

    • What a joke... The company can't even write the code needed to launch Running With Friends on Android.

      They have thousands of employees and can't get it done, what gives you faith they can execute on anything else or that they even care? How many Insider buys have you seen in 2013? ZERO!!!

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