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  • socialboom30 socialboom30 Jun 24, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    My prediction for Zynga.

    In the coming days, Zynga will file for suitability/license in the state of NJ. They may or may not announce that it's done, but it will be covered in the 10Q on the upcoming quarterly conference call.

    Zynga will partner with either the Revel, Tropicana, or The Atlantic Club, and will announce they will be ready for the launch of online gambling in NJ on the first day available in November.

    Estimates of online gambling first year in New Jersey will prove to be low and the industry will far surpass the expected 1.2 billion in added revenue.

    Zynga and their partner will be the top grossing team.

    In the first Quarter of 2014 multiple states will follow NJ into legalized online gambling and Zynga's influence will grow at an accelerated rate.

    The PPS for Zynga will move in 2014 to IPO levels for the first time since 2012.

    That's what I think will happen.

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    • point-taken Jun 24, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

      Carl Icahn pretty much owns TPCA, saved it from bankruptcy. First, Icahn knows how to make money. Second, he's ruthless. This may or may not be a good choice for Z. Personally, I'd be uncomfortable. I'd keep wondering; when will Icahn throw Z under the bus. I do think the best move for Z is to partner. Less headaches, less responsibilities. It would allow them to fully focus on developing and expanding online gambling.

      And I agree with social, PPS will return to its IPO number. It is possible it will happen this fall or after January or sometime next year. But it is coming. And be assured, it will not hold its IPO number. It will move beyond it. It is not unreasonable to believe Z&G, in 24 months, floating between the low and upper $20's. And as I've been saying the last few weeks, Z&G will not be bought out. They will eventually be the 'predators" buying up smaller companies to help them diversify.

      The only current problem for us is the waiting. That's the only problem.

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      • I like the way you think. The most important thing I have learned in the investing world, bar none is PATIENCE. It sounds simple but sometimes is hard as hell to maintain.

        As far as being bought out........It will never happen. This is Pincus' baby, its his once in a lifetime chance to create something huge and finally make the Silicon Valley "A" list. He has said he would NEVER sell. That's the reason the share structure is set up the way it is and he has 61% voting control. No one can force him out.

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      • Icahn is ruthless... But he can be a major agent for change in favor of shareholders too.

        I love Ichan, but I don't always agree with him. All that to the side, TPCA has assets in Indiana, Nevada, Mississippi, and Louisiana. That gives a wider footprint then other partners and gives better starting points in the event of multi state agreements.

        But for Zynga, there are multiple paths indeed.

    • Seems like a fair one social. Those are moves and remember we are trying to make a little money for Zynga but they are battling for their company, jobs, and family support. The company is not going to go belly up without a fight. A fight which we have yet even begin to witness.

    • Why did you pick those casinos?

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